Saturday, April 20, 2013

{fashion friday...on Saturday} Festival Fashion part 3

It's been a long, rough week. But everything has calmed down. They caught the last suspect in the bombings and hopefully we can get some answers now. We can all stop holding our breath for the moment and focus on supporting and caring for the injured. Get back to the much needed grieving of the ones who were lost. I have so much respect for the law enforcement that single-handedly captured this last suspect peacefully. They spent almost 24 hours straight hunting this guy down and did it successfully. Everyone did such an amazing job, and Boston can now celebrate as well as the rest of the Country.

Life goes on and on the West Coast everyone is on to the second weekend of Coachella. So here is the last installment of the theme for the week. 

This outfit ended up being more comfortable then I thought. And can also be transitioned to maternity too! If you don't mind a little belly popping out if you are a little bigger. Why not show off that baby bump!{no I am not pregnant}
Headband: Target, Top:Wetseal, Skirt: TJMaxx, Sandals: Forever21


Link up your blog in the comments if you have some awesome festival fashion!


  1. I love how you styled your hair with that headband, I'm definitely loving that summer is around the corner and we can bring out the boho looks!!

    1. Thanks Jade! I live for the boho looks, it's casual but fun too! I guess I'm a hippy at heart :)


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