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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Here we go again

As I’m writing this my room is a disaster. Full of clothes, suitcases, gear, etc. I can’t even see the floor.
I’m checking off things off the list and stressing and worrying about what is going to go wrong while I live that single mom life…. Again.

No this is not a divorce post, or even a deployment post. This is just a weird chapter in our lives that we swore we would never do. We chose to live separately while he does the Sgt Major academy. A year long school in Texas.
We never would’ve chose this if our lives weren’t where they are now.

The kids are getting older and have a routine, a system. And on the backend of covid and remote learning and all that came after that. Uprooting and moving for a year just to turn around and move again.

So, here we are. Dreading the move, yet wanting to get it over with. I am treating it like a deployment in my head. It makes it easier that way. But also planning out our visits through the months, busying our schedule with activities and what not. It definitely makes the time go by faster.

Now I’m off for another getaway. Going to the mountains with my man for an early anniversary trip.

I highly recommend doing that with your spouse. Prioritize your time alone together. Even if it’s not a big trip just a weekend or week or whatever. Even if you need to do a "stay-cation". Go someplace within a couple hours but do something you’ve never done. Life is too short to just sit at home doing the same old thing. We already did that during quarantine right?!


Saturday, June 18, 2022

Spring Cleaning turned Summer purge




 Has your spring cleaning itch happened yet?

I've been there for a bit now that the sun is out I've been cleaning out the fridge, the bathrooms. I'm starting a pile! HUGE PILE of clothes to get rid of. My closet has become quite overwhelming at this point. I need things to go like yesterday. I am starting to feel like a hoarder. 

Since I have the summer off Spring cleaning has turned into a summer purge at this point. It's ridiculous. I'm getting rid of so much stuff. Things i've held onto for years whether its clothes or kids toys or whatever. If we haven't used it its out! 

Maybe we will end up living that minimalist lifestyle. I don't even feel like we have that much stuff. But when it's all piled together it just gets out of hand so fast. With another move on the horizon for us I hate just moving it from one house to another house. Never even pulling it out of a box. 

If you are interested in the clothes from any of my outfits. Check out my closet on Poshmark







Saturday, May 21, 2022


 I am now preparing for another chapter of our lives to start. Probably going to be the most difficult one.
I’m hoping and praying it won’t be. 

Being an Army wife is always a roller coaster ride. We never really know what’s next. Things can change at the drop of a hat. Everything is always temporary. There is more times apart usually then there are times together.

This time we made the decision but we are still nervous about it. Second guessing constantly if it was the smartest, and best decision we could’ve made.

The hubby will be heading down to Texas for Sgt Major Academy and we have decided to stay behind in Colorado and not go with him. This is just a school so it’s only for the school year (well basically year). I don’t know why the Army doesn’t treat it like a school where they just go and come back. But it was considered as a PCS move (permanent change of station). So we were required to move with him for just a year. That means change schools, move our whole house, change doctors etc. Then when the year was up move to an entirely new place all over again. You see the problem here. The kids are in school. Our daughter being in middle school that’s a huge deal for her because she’s at that age. She would have to change schools for 8th grade then move again and start high school all over again. It doesn’t seem ideal at all.
In Colorado we are settled we have a church home and church family. We have support and the kids have friends.

In my head I’m trying to think of it as a deployment but with perks because he can come visit during breaks. Hopefully on 4 day weekends as well. We will keep busy during the school year too. I have a busy workload. Hopefully the kids will be in some kind of activities and we will just take it a day at a time.

Then when it’s all done with. We will find out where we will be moving next and hopefully it will be our last move and we can get ready for retirement.

These are all the hopes but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Separation is never easy. I wish we didn’t have to choose this but it seemed the better option out of two really crappy options. Much like the presidential election (HA!) So here we are gearing up for another year apart.

Pray for us and our little family. 


Friday, April 22, 2022

Things I learned in my 30's far









I'm fairly new to the 30's gang. Right there in the middle. In fact it's so new that I actually keep forgetting how old I really am. People ask me how old I am and I have to think for a moment before I blurt out the wrong age. My kids are getting to the point where they will gladly remind me of my age and how "old" I am. I don't feel old though, I feel exactly the same age. My mind has just grown, aged like a fine wine I suppose. I appreciate all the lessons learned, all the healing that has gone on throughout the years. 

So much so that I wanted to compile a list of things I have learned. Not just to share but to have a reminder right here when I want to go back and look. 




*I have learned that there is no competition. Each person was given skills, talents, etc and in Gods timing for them that's when they will succeed in what is meant for them and their life.

*Stay in your lane. Mind your business. Pay attention to what's going on in your own life. Don't worry about what other people are doing.

*Everything you tend to not like about yourself or that you are insecure about will end up being cool or trendy after awhile. So don't sweat it!

*Stay away from toxic, unhealthy relationships/friendships they will suck all the joy out of your life. 

*Boundaries are so important. Figure yours out and stick to them. 

*Having good friends that will check you and hold you accountable is a good thing! 

*Don't be afraid to try new things and go to new places. There's so much out there in the world that we are meant to experience. Don't let fear hold you back.

*It's ok to not have a credit card, car loans, etc. Don't feel like you have to keep up with other people. Slow and steady wins the race.

*Trust in your gifts they were given to YOU for a reason. Don't doubt yourself you have a story to tell, that will inspire others.

*Stress will literally make you sick and take years off of your life. 


* If you make fun of yourself, or put yourself down. You are giving everyone else permission to do so too. 

I know that I am not done learning things. There's so much more in life, more people to learn from. Take the time to learn, see, hear, absorb, and heal.

Cheers to the 30's club!


Thursday, April 7, 2022

Cruise Tips from a first timer (Norwegian)



As we are getting into spring break and summer vacation plans. I thought I would compile a list of tips specifically for Norwegian. I've only cruised with Norwegian but these can probably be for any cruise line. If you are planning on flying to a destination then jumping on the cruise you are already spending a ton of money. You want to save most of your money for shopping, eating local food (they don't have that on the ship)

1. NO on buying an internet package. You have wifi to at least text, pictures don't really go through on the ship (iMessage only). But you’re so busy doing activities, eating and exploring at ports it’s not necessary. Some ports have WIFI and you can do all your internet or social media posts there.  If you absolutely can’t live without just do the social media package. Then you can at least DM, Facebook message those who you can’t text.


2.  Stateroom with a balcony is the way to go! Plenty of room for two people. If you were going as a family I would get adjoining rooms or a suite. It would feel too crowded. Unless you don’t plan on staying in your room at all. I'm claustrophobic and the idea of a small enclosed room with no windows or small window gave me anxiety. 



3. Packages: Specialty dining. Not worth it. you get plenty of complimentary food and it’s decent and different atmosphere in those places. Buffet style, casual pub restaurant, fancy evening. You can save your money for the local fare etc. 



4.  Alcohol package. I’m not a drinker and the hubby is on occasion. But you have to get the package for everyone in your room,  if they are under 21 they have to get a soda package. While the idea sounds awesome. It doesn’t really pay for itself. $99 a day per person. So that's 11 beers in a day or Speciality drinks for a 7 day cruise? $700 per person if I’m not mistaken. Not enough time. Especially if you are on a tour most of the day. And soda is cheaper then that. Best idea if you are going to drink is make yourself an alcohol budget and pay for for an occasional drink on board. 

5. Shore excursions. There are pros and cons to these tours. It can be hard if you like the freedom to do your own thing. Majority of the time is spent driving on the bus. Which can be nice but when you only have so much time on a port it can be constricting. However, with the tours the tour guide always has stories and local tips and information. Also you can skip some lines for tickets because they get them for you and leads your group away from the crowds. We didn’t buy tours separately which you can do there just wasn’t time and with Covid we stuck with the cruise line. If there was a problem or we were late the ship would wait for us. It’s not guaranteed otherwise. Some ports have shuttle busses that will take you close to town or into town every ten minutes. Some places are close enough to walk into. With the shopping and restaurants close by. Just be back in enough time to board the ship. 

6. This tip was from our amazing travel agent. Wherever you are going especially an overseas cruise. Get there a day before and leave a day after the cruise ends. It felt like everyone came straight the airport to board and then rushed to get the airport after the cruise was done. We didn't skip too many lines at the airport, but we definitely had a great time having those extra relaxing hours to see the sites some more and have some amazing Greek food that we wouldn't have been able to.

7.  Covid might be lessening up now but check your specific cruise line, and airline about mask mandates. In the summer the disposable ones were a lifesaver. I have a cotton one but in that heat it was just too much. The cruise required us to wear the masks in every populated area unless you were eating and drinking. Plus if you lose one its no big deal. Just stock up on those. 

8. They play a lot of the same stuff on the stateroom TV's. But I always travel with my ipad and download movies or shows on Netflix or Amazon that we can watch and not worry about getting wifi. 8b. Don't forget to get a travel pass for your cell phone. Keep it on airplane mode until you need it. Iphone users stay connected to wifi so you can just send messages and call when you need to.

9. My favorite things I bought before the cruise. I did so much research since it was my first time. Some were good suggestions some I could've done without. 

  1.  A combination fan/power bank/ flashlight. It was so hot everywhere, especially in the crowds. This one was very lightweight and compact that it can easily fit in a backpack or pocket.
  2. Anti-theft backpack! I got a large that fit my Ipa. It has lots of hidden compartments and comes in different colors. 
  3. Lanyards. just picked these up at the dollar tree. Perfect for carrying around your ID cards they give you for the cruise. You have to use these for everything, food, entrance to ship, etc. A lanyard is a great way to keep from losing it. 
  4. Luggage tags. These long ones are meant for your cruise ship tags. They don't really tell you that beforehand. I wouldn't have known if I didn't see a youtube video about it. 
  5. Packing cubes. I LOVE These I have used these for every trip now and I need to get more. They have handles that make it easier to grab if you have one specific thing like pajamas. It was able to fit so much stuff in them.
  6. Jewelry organizer. This was a trip I wanted to accessorize. Especially at some of the ports like Mykonos everyone is so fashionable. This cute little bag was so cute and fit so much. I even got a matching charger bag (later) that fits all my phone chargers and headphones.  


   10. Take all the pictures and all the videos. But also take time to be present, and just enjoy the places you are at. EAT ALL THE FOOD! Sometimes more than one desserts! Go see the shows because they are free! Play the games! We had such a blast and would probably do a cruise again!




Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Women supporting women


I've been thinking a lot about the term "Women supporting women".  In my entire life I have only had a few friends who really embodied that term. Ones who will go above and beyond to show support for you, be your biggest cheerleader. Free of jealousy, comparison, and drama. Why is that so hard to find? Why is it a term so hard to grasp for women. I know there is the part where you don't feel good enough where you are at. Whether its professionally, physically, spiritually etc. There's always going to be that mentality tucked down deep down inside, that someone is better than you or that they have a life that you want. 
It's time to break free of that mindset and get to working on yourself. 
I think when we are fulfilled in our own lives, focused on doing what God has called us to do, then we can't even see what other people are doing. 
After a very difficult month. I realize even more now the importance of having your people. There's no time for us women to cause problems with each other. Not when we are dealing with our own day to day stuff, or dealing with real life issues. 
It goes back to the golden rule "Treat others how you want to be treated". Seems simple enough right?

I completely understand being pitted against one another. Maybe it starts in our youth. You have friends who ditch you because they like someone better. You get dumped for someone else in a relationship. It’s hard to get through those things. I wish it weren’t like this. I wish we could bypass all that time that it takes us to get to the place where we are confident in ourselves. So that we can know that we are worth so much. We are valuable. Maybe that’s the foundation of the issue? 

I’m so glad that I have a group of friends who support one another, encourage each other. It takes time to find the right people you can trust, that you feel safe with. Just know that they are out there. You just have to look for them.

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