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Friday, October 20, 2017

Fashion Friday

Is it Friday already? This week has gone by too fast. I've been so focused on my "spring cleaning" in Fall that I've barely come up for air.  It's so tedious but so addicting selling and purging your stuff. I love to clean and organize. Well, maybe more the organizing part. I would prefer if the cleaning was done for me. Nonetheless I do enjoy a clean house my brain thinks much more clearly then. Since we are just now getting into our cooler weather here in Georgia this week. But it might change its mind soon enough. I had to get that garage work done while I can. 

Kimono: Target, Tunic top: Forever21, Jeans: CottonOn, Boots: Belk, Necklace: Forever21


Friday, October 13, 2017

Fashion Friday Help Me Mama

 Well It's Friday the 13th and I'm off to a ZZ Ward concert! I'm so excited this year I've become such a huge fan. Just in time for her latest album and I've been so inspired by it. Plus I love concerts and mommy weekends. So you should really check her out you will love her too. Follow along on my instagram to see more of my trip to Charlotte this weekend.
Have a great weekend!

p.s I also had a little buddy to take pictures with.

Top: Stylesforless, Hat: Shoppriceless, Skirt: ShopPriceless, Shoes: Target, Rings: Forever21


Friday, October 6, 2017

Fashion Friday

I am currently running around like a crazy person getting stuff ready for a community yard sale. I have only had one other yard sale before and like on person came. I hope tomorrow goes well.  I'm putting a lot more time and effort into this one. Don't you just love getting organized and get rid of stuff. I live for that stuff. Since we are constantly moving from state to state I have to have a fresh start all the time. So I love getting rid of all the excess stuff I've accumulated over the years. Or the stuff my kids have accumulated over the years. Wish me luck!
Hope you have a great weekend !

Top: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Earrings: Forever 21, Shoes: Stylesforless


Friday, September 29, 2017

Fashion Friday Hipster Rocker

I've been getting good use out of this super cute tunic dress/top from Agnes and Dora. 
When I saw this print I had to have it. When I saw it had pockets I was over the moon! It's so versatile because it's black and white. But I love wearing with my favorite fedora hat for that pop of color. Perfect Fall look if you ask me! 
Check in with my friend Amanda {Link above} if you want one of these in a different print. 
Who doesn't love pockets!?
Have a great weekend!

Hat: ShopPriceless, Tunic: Agnes and dora, Jacket: Aeropostale, Boots: Belk

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fashion Friday

I finished up my instagram music challenge #Project365 a couple days ago! I'm so excited that it's done with to be honest. Partly because having kids and a husband and a busy schedule made it hard sometime to get that little bit of time to record a song. Kids are always loud and demanding your attention. It's like getting out of school for summer. I am free of commitments that I made for myself.
On the other side of it though I'm glad I pushed myself. I felt like I became more confident in putting myself out there every single day to be judged. Also, it pushed me to be more creative. It was actually really fun to come up with different ways to sing popular songs. I didn't get to every request and I didn't get to every single song I wanted to do. There's just way too many. I'm so thankful for the continuous support and encouragement from my followers. They still hung in there with me while I blew up their feed with videos of me singing every single day. 
With that said the very next day I got to start working on my original music with my awesome producers and I can't wait to get into the recording studio and share it with everyone. 
Since so much is going to be going on with the music I made separate social media pages for it. 
You can follow me and my music journey on 
INSTAGRAM: @ashleyreedmusic
TWITTER:  @ashleyreedmusic


My Outfit:
Lace kimono: Agaci
Dress: Wetseal
Necklace: Forever21
Hat: RMC Boutique 
Shoes: Stylesforless

Monday, September 18, 2017

Scotland {Outlander Tour} part 2 - Midhope Castle

After last nights episode of Outlander I thought I would jump to "Lallybroch." Most of the episode was shot there so I thought it would be fitting. This by far was the best part of our tour. The whole tour was great don't get me wrong. This part though we had the WHOLE place to ourselves. Which was perfect since we only had one other person on our tour and our tour guide James. We got to take as many pictures we wanted. Take as much time as we wanted. The weather was absolutely perfect that day. Everyone says it's like always rainy, and dreary. But we had sunshine almost the entire time. I'm not sure I could ever top this trip by going again. But I'm sure going to try!

Lallybroch is actually Midhope Castle a tower house from the 16th century located on the Abercorn of the Hopetoun estate.

Just like Doune Castle they didn't film any of the interior scenes inside. It's all pretty much in ruins on the inside. But all the outside scenes were filmed here. They brought everything in for this. I think it's fascinating how they come in with all their dirt, plants, stables etc. Turn into Lallybroch in the 17th century and then when they are done they leave it just as they found it. As if they were never there. They do this everytime they film. Which in some of these locations are more than once throughout all three seasons so far. Even as far as painting buildings and then painting them back.

They brought whiskey for the tour. They all made me try it. I don't really drink but they said I had to because I was in Scotland and that's just what you do. I figured the more for my husband right? Well, I gave it a try because they were all staring at me. I told them I wasn't going to like it. I think they just wanted to see my face when I tried it. Surprise, surprise I didn't like it. But at least I tried it for them. The hubby sure enjoyed it!

 Had to get my picture of me looking at my "Jamie"

Check out part one of our Outlander Tour Doune Castle
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