Tuesday, December 28, 2021

{New Years Goals}

 With New Years fastly approaching. Let’s talk about new year goals! I don’t like saying resolutions anymore. That feels more like this year I’m not going to do this or that. The term goals feel more motivating.

Are you the kind of person that sets your resolutions to stop doing something and then makes sure you do  the thing up until the last minute? Does that even work?

Are you the kind of person that makes too many resolutions and then gets overwhelmed or too busy to accomplish them?

Or are you the type of person that had their life together and is just slaying left and right?

No matter what kind of person you are this is your friendly reminder to get started on your list. The days are getting shorter and we are getting older and it’s time to start living your best life !


Saturday, December 25, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Outfits: {Merry Christmas}

Merry Christmas!  I hope you are all enjoying your day under a pile of wrapping paper. In cozy pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate. Playing board games, and watching Christmas movies and just having much needed family time. It's been a crazy holiday season and the year is almost up. So different from last year am I right? It's almost like we were in a mad rush to make up for lost time. I hope you have found a good balance for it all. I'm still figuring out my balance. But I am so hopeful for so many changes in life! 

Now go get off your devices and have a great time with your family!



Friday, December 24, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Outfits: {Christmas Eve}

 It's hard to not fall in love when you see this color. This rich dark green gives me holiday vibes all day long! It's velvet on top of that, with tiny flecks of gold. I had to have it for Christmas. I paired it with my over the knee boots and my leather moto jacket. Perfection! I love this look so much!


Thursday, December 23, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Outfits: Day 10 {Rocker}

Plaid leggings are such a staple. Any leggings are a staple to be honest. Had to throw these in the mix. Plaid just says Christmas. It might not be the last you see of the plaid. But this is another addition to the casual Christmas outfits. Paired with a leather Moto jacket and a cropped white chenille sweater.



Wednesday, December 22, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Outfits: Day 9 {Boho Hipster}

These are still my favorite pants. I love how comfortable they are. I love the color, the high waisted, pleated detail. Can't go wrong with any of this. Paired with my studded top and my fringe sweater, and of course a beret. Almost feeling french maybe? Like I should be walking around in the city somewhere.



Tuesday, December 21, 2021

12 days of Christmas outfits : Day 8 {Edgy}

The plaid wrap makes another appearance! This is a fun little outfit. Maybe for going out to a Christmas party. Maybe an office party, depends on your office I suppose. Simple yet edgy at the same time.



Monday, December 20, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Outfits: Day 7 {Golden}

 Another great look for the holidays is pairing a nice blouse with a pair of jeans like this. Sheer, lace, anything with a vintage detail. I loved the color of this top with little flecks of gold and the ruffle sleeve. Reminded me of presents under the tree.

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