Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Military Life} The good and the bad

We've been in the military now for about eight years. We've lived in four different states in the time frame. Kentucky, California, Colorado and now Massachusetts. I don't really watch the show "Army Wives" but from what I have seen. I can tell you it's not really like that at all. It's funny how things work out. When I was high school the only military bases I had been to was George Air Force base {which was not even operational anymore} and Edwards Air Force base which is in the middle of nowhere. I did not see myself as a military wife, nor did I want to be one.  But here I am! God seems to have a sense of humor I guess. Maybe a little bit of growing up, falling in love and sacrifice had something to do with the change of heart.

When we first started dating. Evan had just finished his basic training and deployed for a year a couple months into our relationship. That was a huge test, but we survived. I think that was the beginning of what has made us so strong.

 Then time came to be a military wife and not just a military girlfriend.

The perks about military life. We get housing, whether it's on a base or off base. Sometimes you have to be on a waiting list though. Sometimes you don't know where you will live before you get there.

You get to travel!

At first this scared me. I had never lived anywhere else but my home in Southern California. I didn't think I would fit in anywhere else. Our first station was in Kentucky. Which is an entirely different world then what I was used to. We got a somewhat nice three bedroom house/townhome for our FIRST home together. We had no furniture besides what my parents gave us. My tiny full size bed, a couple dressers, a futon. We had an a couple of old TV's from parents and grandparents and had the one downstairs on this little wicker basket. Luckily we got a washer and dryer from someone who was moving for really cheap. Up until then we did the laundromat which was an adventure! We also got this hideous lazy-boy recliner for free and then we had camping chairs as our living room furniture. That's how things were for the first few years. Slowly getting a couch and other things here and there. We saved up for our first computer an E-MACHINE HA! It was so horrible and we had no desk so it was on top of one of his trunks and we had to sit on the floor to use it. Oh humble beginnings indeed!

We lucked out and got to go back to California and be closer to home which was nice. We had a tiny apartment style house this time. Only two bedrooms and one bathroom. But it was easy to clean since it was so small. Then Colorado for 2 1/2 years another 12-month deployment and now Massachusetts for 3 years. And the hubs is gone right now for two months for school.

The downside to traveling. You are actually moving every couple of years. At least Army does. Other branches might be in places longer. But for us it is every 2-3 years. We pack it up and move to a new state, new house. You have to say good bye to the friends you made and you have to start all over again. We have to transfer EVERYTHING over, medical files, dentist files. Start out with new doctors, and dentists.

 The worst part of it all! Having to be separated from my hubby! Whether it's a school for a couple months or training for several weeks at a time or a deployment for a year or more. It's a constant thing in the military. So here and there I get a taste of the single mom life. It's hard, one of the hardest things to do. I'm so thankful for Skype these days though. When we were dating we only had email, and instant messages and Myspace. Yes this was before Facebook! It's worse for the kids though! I know what I have to deal with. Poor Riley doesn't really understand why her Daddy has to be gone instead of here. It makes me sad.

So this has just been a little insight into what it's like to be an Army wife and the crazy life we live.



  1. Wow! I am proud of you for how hard you are working in this family style! My fiance and I are finally ending the 2 years of long distance once he graduates in a couple weeks, and that was hard enough for me. I can't imagine already being married and having to be long distance, but I am glad you have your beautiful daughter and this blog. That must be somewhat helpful!

    1. Thank you Jade! It is helpful to have things to keep me busy and occupied. :)


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