Friday, November 26, 2021



When we found out we were going to move in 2019 I prayed that God would send us to a place that would be good for not only my husbands career but mine too. A place that would be good for our family. Then we heard it was Colorado. I thought "Colorado again!?" What was God thinking? Been there done that already. Then as soon as we get here we have to deal with a pandemic. How could any of this be helpful?

I like to take myself out of the picture so I can really think. I like to look from an outsiders point of view into my own life. When I do that I can get some serious perspective. I can see the growth, blessings, trials, etc. So I'd like to reflect on what I am most thankful for. Not just from this year but since we moved to Colorado. With all our moves I look at my life in chapters now. Each place we live in is a new chapter. Here is the Colorado chapter thus far. 


1: The only house available at the time when we moved here was too much house for us. We picked it anyways and it has been a blessing not just during the lock down when we needed space from everyone. But it has allowed us to host small groups from church, plenty of space to stay for our growing family to stay, and give adequate amount of space for me to have my own office finally!

 2: We found a great church that has been so supportive during covid and post covid. It has allowed us the space to volunteer, invest our talents and time in. Allowing us to heal from past hurts from the church.


3: Volunteering at the church has lead me to dust off my camera and get back in to creating art again. 
As well as join the worship team and help in Sunday school with the kids.

4: Volunteering has lead me to be able to work again. Once the church opened up a daycare. I've also been referred to several people in the church as a photographer.
5: The church so graciously allowed me to have my release party for my most recent single in October. I was able to perform all my songs which I hadn't done in so long.
6: I was able to write some awesome songs during covid and post covid. Record them and release them. Four songs in a year and a half. I am so grateful!!!
Most importantly I am so thankful for this time together as a family!
I knew once he got this position here that we would be able to have more time. With the lock down we had even MORE time together. We have remained healthy and I pray we continue to be this next year!
P.S I'm thankful we haven't had much snow this fall/winter so far!!
What are you thankful for ?


Saturday, November 6, 2021

Fall behind


Let's talk about these plaid pants for a second. In high school I had a similar pair that were hand me down so they didn't exactly fit me well. I saw them at the store and thought it would be funny to just try them on. Turns out the joke was on me because they were cute and comfortable. So I thought hey why not recreate an old high school outfit but make it current. So here's my second attempt almost 20 years later. I wish I had a picture of that outfit somewhere. I'd have to go searching for it. It might only exist in my mind or maybe even in a yearbook. 

I'm finally gathering my bearings here after an insane month of October. I literally had way too much on my plate. I cannot do that again. They did a whole series about it at church and I'm paying attention. It's hard for me to say no. The irony is I've always been the one to not like when people were too busy. Now I'm eating my words. I promise I'll be better! Honest! Are you having the same problem in your life? Maybe it's a consequence of post covid quarantine. We weren't able to do all this stuff now we are hitting the ground running. Maybe?

I need to prioritize all my responsibilities with all my new ideas and projects. I need to speak up when I'm running into the ground. But also know when to be quiet on some things. I am grateful for all the new opportunities. I feel like they are God's blessings and answers to prayer. But I'm one person.  No need to induce panic attacks on the regular. 

I hope you are figuring out your busy schedules as well. Start this next week off on a better less busy note. Find some time to decompress and breathe. 

Until next time folks!

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