Friday, June 15, 2018

Fashion Friday {Bring on the rain}

So I've almost completely broken up with Facebook. My private account that is. I've been having a lot of soul searching on social media. Also hearing a lot of peoples opinions on how no one can relate to each other anymore. No one knows how to talk to anyone anymore because they are constantly texting, messaging etc. I also don't like and I never liked how people will check my facebook before picking up a phone to call me or to visit me. So I am doing my part. I'm boycotting! I'm taking a stand. Social media will have its purpose for me. But if you want to know me for real you have to pick up a phone. You got to pay a visit! I hope this idea spreads but we live in strange times and I fear it's going to get worse. 
What is your opinion on social media and human life? 


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Friday, June 8, 2018

Fashion Friday {Meadows and Reeds}

It's June ! You guys! It's June already we are almost halfway done with 2018 already. Why is it when we get older time just flies by faster and faster? Time and age is a funny thing. I recently just did this bible study on the first 11 chapters of Genesis! It totally blew my mind. I grew up in church and there were things in there I didn't even know! I probably never paid attention or no one ever taught on it. It was a week by week study by Jen Wilkin called God of Creation. You can jump on this study in a couple weeks and I highly recommend it. Follow this link God of Creation Study 
I learned that people used to live for over thousands of years. Can you believe that? We get all excited for people living to be 100 years old. I also learned how long it actually took Noah to build the ark. The purpose of time and age meant something. That got me really fired up. That God has this purpose for those kinds of things. It's all meticulously planned it and we have no idea. All we can see is what's right in front of us. Or where we are going for summer vacation. God knows that already! Each week I was like {MIND BLOWN}. 
I hope you are having a great week. Here's to a great weekend!  

Dress/Cardigan: Ross dress for less, Shoes: Stylesforless, Necklace: Forever21


Friday, June 1, 2018

Fashion Friday { Summer Rain}

 It's Friday and I survived another week of summer! Hallelujah! We went to the library to get on the summer reading program. We did the dollar movie theater, bible study, YMCA, swimming, and the slip n slide! We've been fighting the summer rain storms almost all week. So that's been a challenge. But I have confidence that we can make it through! How has your summer been? What summer activities have you been doing to entertain your kids?

Hat, Top, Necklace: Forever21, Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Stylesforless

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