Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion Friday

It's almost October and the weather has been so tricky. One day it's between 65-75 degrees and sunny other days its gloomy or rainy. I don't want to jinx it, I'm really afraid of what the snow will be like out here. I have heard horror stories of the snow being taller than people! Yikes!

Had a weird week, just been kinda lazy. Hopefully next week will be a lot better. I'm excited about decorating for fall and Halloween. I've convinced the family to coordinate costumes with me this year since I didn't get to wear my costume last year! :(  Hopefully get to some farms to pick out pumpkins and pick apples; make a homemade pie! Look who's all fancy! We are only here for three years so I'm going to do everything and anything while we are here!

Little Miss Fashionista had to get in on it too wanted me to take her picture. Like mother like daughter right? 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finally Fall Shows are back!

The husband and I are pretty big TV connoisseur's! I am a little like Tori Spelling in that way. I would love if I could have a tv in every room. A cute little tv in the kitchen while I cook or clean. I would love to have a tv in my room. Especially for those sick days where you just want to watch movies all day in bed. However, I am forbidden to have a TV in the bedroom.. husbands rules!

Anyways, as old favorite shows have ended or have been cancelled. It's time to move on and find some new ones to fill up the week.

New Shows:

Ben and Kate - Has potential to be randomly funny which is what I like. So we will see by the next episode.

The Neighbors: A little dated if you ask me. They try with newer references and what not. Just seems kinda silly.

Go on: New Matthew Perry show. Someone who loves FRIENDS it is so hard to get into a show where "Chandler" carries it on his own. I miss the friends cast, their chemistry was so natural and believable. So this is a maybe we will see how the season progresses.

Revolution: JJ Abrams new show. I never watched Lost. However, we are huge Fringe fans! Sadly it is Fringe's last season so we had to move onto something! It is an interesting concept, but I am still a little skeptical. It comes off a little cheesy, but if you like that "end of the world, people acting strange to survive" then this is right up your alley!

Partners: I didn't like it. Felt like they were trying too hard to be like Will & Grace and did not succeed. I tried it because I love Sophia Bush! But I just don't buy her dating David Krumholtz (Numbers, The santa Clause, 10 things I hate about you).


Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Friday {Fall is here}

I think it's safe to say fall is here, or slowly creeping up on me! It is slowly dropping degrees and I'm getting cold. I'm not really complaining because I am not a huge fan of the humidity out here. 
I'm in love with these chunky knit infinity/eternity scarves! They are so cozy! Top knots or buns whichever are one of my faves too! Happy Friday everyone!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love a little bit of "Random"

So I decided we could all use just a random post to go along with our awkward and awesome thursday!  I love me some randomness! I had a very interesting week! In my first post I wrote about meeting a friend from my hometown. Well we have girls the same age so we have been hanging out pretty much every day. Exploring, going to park, just chatting. It's been great for a social butterfly like myself!

Last week I decided I wanted a piano! I've always wanted a piano but after starting up voice lessons again I really wanted music in the house again.  So I went searching on Craigslist list like crazy! I found so many that I loved but were out of my price range. My budget was pretty much $0. Kind of hard to find the exact piano I wanted for free. I was looking into a nice upright piano. Preferably black or even white. I really liked the vintage look, old beat up piano ...not too beat up though. To my surprise there were a few, a good handful of upright pianos for free. People are just dying to get rid of their pianos. I emailed like crazy getting measurements, pictures, locations etc. I found this awesome one that was perfect! It was no longer available. I kept searching.....Long story short I now have one waiting for me to pick up. Hopefully won't have too much to do it just tuning, fix one dead key. This piano is already black, measurements are perfect! We might just need to fix it up a little. But it's FREE! Can't beat free! Will be posting pictures as soon as I have it in my house.

I'm so happy my house is finally coming together! It's always rough when you are on a tight budget, and you keep moving. Meaning you always have a new house to fill or decorate. Our old desk didn't make the move so we opted to use this old vintage desk we had. A lot smaller and less storage but it was better than buying a whole new office set. After a few tries of re-painting it ( black of course). It was NOT coming together. Wrong sand paper, wrong paint, etc etc. I will leave the rest of the story for another DIY post. Everything is slowly coming together though which makes me happy!

Now onto the awkward and awesome part of the day/week.

Awkward: Meeting a new girl at a gym and all she can talk about is the other moms. Plastic surgery mom who doesn't watch her kids. Mom who doesn't speak english.....Extremely awkward I thought the gossip started on the second time you meet them.


While Redoing this old desk that belonged to a relative. The husband found a folded up piece of paper behind one of the drawers. Picture below
"Our thoughts are with you sorrow cannot conquer nor grief turn to despair when 
you know that there are others who understand and care
There is so little we can say, so little we can do, but may if help somehow to 
know our hearts go out to you."

Been going to town on all these Pinterest recipes. I love getting into cooking. I have been finding all these healthy recipes that taste great. Thank you Pinterest! ( Recipes for these dinners below)

Baked Chicken Milanese with Arugula

Easy Skillet Lasagna

Grilled Pesto Pizza


Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY: {Lace Vases}

There is one important thing to know about me and that is .....I LOVE DIY! (Do it yourself) I've been cutting, pasting, drawing little crafts for a little while now. I just love it even more when you can make your own home decor. How great not to mention cheap is that?! In the last couple of years my projects have been far and in between sadly. So I decided in our new house I want to do more. Sky's the limit! In our old house I made these cute collage frames, basically a framed scrapbook page! I would have preferred them in a cute shadowbox, maybe another time. They turned out really cute! I still have them up in my house now!

So I had a little spare time this last week and wanted to attack these plane kinda boring vases I had. I bought them for a New Moon Party I had.  (Yes! Don't judge I am a twilight fan) I had made my own "Ruffle Tulips" which is on the cover of the book. Anyway, I had these two vases with ugly little white rocks in them just hanging out on my fireplace. So I sat there looking at them for days trying to think of what I wanted. I saw on Pinterest somewhere a cute mason jar wrapped in sheet music. Then I saw tons of vases with lace on them and loved that look too. So hey I combined them together! Why not?!
So off to the craft store I went. Instead of buying lace fabric and cutting it up I just bought lace ribbon/trim. It was so much cheaper for such a tiny job. I got fabric paper glue which said it could go on fabrics and dried clear. That was my first mistake. I couldn't get it to stick at all it kept sliding all around the vase. It was basically school white glue. So I got frustrated of course. Searched around online and got more ideas. Basically, it was either a hot glue gun or glue dots. However, the store (Joann's) didn't have glue dots. I was on a budget so I opted for the mini glue gun in a cute little pink color. The whole project cost maybe $10 minus the vases, which I don't remember how much they cost. Most likely pretty cheap because they were from Wal-Mart. For the sheet music I just got sheet music scrapbook paper. I would have preferred the real thing, but these turned out fine too and I can always take them out and put something else in.

Wal-Mart Vases

Mini Hot glue gun w/ glue sticks


Afterwards on my fireplace

Clean Vase
Hot Glue Gun w/ glue sticks

Lace of your choice
Sheet of paper of your choice

Lace: Glue along side the edge of the lace with vase upside down made it easier to hold. Slowly wrap around bottom of vase. Enough material so it overlaps a tiny bit then glue together.

Paper: Fold paper the shape of vase (cylinder shape) spread so it is as close the inside of the vase as possible. Measure then cut off extra paper from the top. Glue (paper glue) the edges of the paper then just insert it in the vase. It's that simple and can be inter-changeable. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Friday

It's my very first Fashion Friday!! One of my most favorite things is fashion, ever since I was little. When I was little my parents used to call me the "Fashion Police" My motto or idea of my own style has always been. I like what I like, I don't really care if other people don't like it. I have been made fun of or joked about for certain wardrobe choices but I don't mind! I love clothes, if I think it looks cute then I wear it. I am mostly inspired by street style. I am a chameleon when it comes to fashion. I love a lot of styles! There's only a few days left of good weather left and I am taking full advantage. Trying to wear every summer dress that I have. Then it's on to layering and bundling up for the fall and winter. I am hoping it won't be as bad as people have said it can be! Cheers to Fashion Friday!


Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It's hard to say when I started blogging. It's probably when I was in High School and the latest fad was "Diaryland" .. pre-Facebook, pre-Myspace...haha now I feel old. Things have definitely changed since then.

 Let's start with a little bit about us. The husband and I have been married for six years now, with a gorgeous little girl Miss Riley. We are in the Army and are constantly moving around which is hard. However, we get to see new things, explore new places. That's always exciting and I wouldn't change it for anything. The husband is a sports guy, a man's man if you will and I love everything creative. Music, photography, home decor, DIY, scrapbooking, clothes...the list goes on and on. We are quite the pair! But it works! We balance each other, compliment each other, learn from each other and that's really the best! We also got this amazing kid, who is the sweetest, funniest, most energetic girl! You could just eat her up!.. well not literally but the cuteness is just overflowing with this one!

Anyways lets get on with the part of the blog that is both awkward and awesome! Hope to get to do this weekly. Inspired by fellow blogger @SydneyPoulton from Where I get to talk about all the awkwardly awkwardness of my life (for that week) and then the super awesome stuff too! Hope you enjoy!

Being introduced to a new person on a playdate and reaching my hand out to shake his hand and him clearly not seeing it. So then my hand is just awkwardly hanging out there... for awhile too. Super awkward!

Going on yet another playdate and the other lady randomly being from my hometown! How crazy is that and was also stationed at our last duty station (place we lived before). P.S I am from a nowhere town that no one has really heard of. I even used the phrase "SHUT UP!" in all it's "Mean Girls" glory!

**Hope to have way more awkward and awesome moments for your personal enjoyment in the near future!

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