Monday, March 8, 2021

International Women's Day


                                                        Today is International Women's Day! 

I wanted to take some time out to shine a light on some of my fave ladies! They may not be famous, rich or anything like that. But they are important where it counts. Inspiring and raising up the next generation of ladies. 

Some who are small business owners. Some are healthcare workers. Some are influencers. They are working hard to portray strength, perseverance, mental health, healthy body image etc. 



                                @adrianawithanuh : Sharing her journey as a single working mom. Encouraging                                         others to have a healthy body image at any size.


                                 @hannah_neese  : Funny, and sweet and encouraging body love and a healthy body                                    image.

                                  @Adoniaglam / @Adonia_by_amber : Single mom and now small business                                                 owner of Adonia Glam. A full service glam squad to help women feel better from the                                     inside out. Also a stroke survivor! 


                                  @theamyjanelle  : Single mom sharing her journey of going back to school to                                                 pursue her dreams of working in film.


                                    @renewmagazine : Woman owned online magazine. Renew stands for 

                                    Revitalize | Educate | Nurture | Empower Women


                        These are just a few special ladies! There are so many more! Encouraging and supporting other women and not tearing them down. We should never compete with one another. We are stronger together. Women united are such a force! Check these ladies out. Give them a follow. Encourage and support the awesome ladies in your life.






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