Friday, September 28, 2018

Fashion Friday!

I'm off in California recording !!!!!!!!
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Dress: Styles, Top: Forever21, Hat: Ross dress for less, Boots: Belk


Friday, September 21, 2018

Fashion Friday

 I'm preparing to leave for California next week to finish up recording my EP! I'm so excited, stressed, running around all crazy. Basically the normal! So much work and planning went into this and it's a lot of puzzle pieces to maneuver! But I couldn't be more happy with how things turned out or are turning out! I'm just super anxious for it to be here already. 4 more days til I leave! Make sure you follow me on @ashleyreedmusic so you can see all the behind the scenes stuff. That's always super fun! I can't wait!! Oh and October 1st is when my single will be released! It's all finally happening! AAhhhhhhh! I hope you guys are excited too!

Lace Duster: Styles, Top: Target, Shorts: Pacsun, Boots: RMC Boutique


Friday, September 7, 2018

Fashion Friday {This is me}

It's September! Which is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month! Some of you might already know I am a Thyroid cancer survivor. I am going on 9 years cancer free! That's crazy to think about! 
You can read about my story and how you can self check yourself here 
It is so important to be educated on these things. I had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. If it wasn't for my Grandma pointing out a large nodule on my neck. I literally thought it was my adams apple. NO ONE ever corrected me! I know crazy right!? Please check yourself all the time and spread the word!
Happy Friday! 

Kimono: Target, Top: Stylesforless, Necklace: Forever21, Shorts: H&M

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