Thursday, April 4, 2013

{Easter Recap}

This was officially our first Easter in this house. Last year we had just moved here and we randomly decided to head down to my Parents house and spend Easter with my mom. Since we had been on the road for what felt like forever and was tired of staying in a hotel. Also my mom said she would cook some Puerto Rican food for us.. So we had to go.
This year we invited some of our friends over and I cooked the whole thing! I've come a long way from my days of oven ready dinners and cooking pasta all the time. I've broaden my horizons in the kitchen. I feel like such a grown up.
We started the day with Easter Baskets of course! Then headed off to church...{It always amazes me no matter what service we decide to go to. We are always late!} I will blame it on the fact that we were cleaning up the house a bit before we had our company. But I might not be able to use that one again. :(
Easter service was really awesome! I always look around at the people during church and I always love to see younger people there. Who go to church on their own, no parents forcing them too. I love it when they are passionate about it all, just taking it all in. Writing down notes, standing up and singing worship. Reminds me of the good ol days. When I would go to my home church by myself all the time.

Our friends brought some tasty stuff over. Deviled eggs, and this awesome Feta Dip that we probably accidentally filled up on before the food was done. {oops} We had the norm.. ham, mashed potatoes, corn and what not. I also had a ton of easter candy, cupcakes, chocolate pie. Then we made these "Resurrection Rolls" which has always been a family tradition we always called them "Snails" though because they kind of look snails. But I loved the idea that we can use them to teach the kids about how Jesus has risen!
We ended the night completely stuffed and watched The Passion of the Christ! We hadn't seen it since it came out in 2004! It is still so powerful and amazing.


  1. Fun post. Glad I'm following.

    I'm not really considered young anymore. I pictured high schoolers when you talked about young people coming to church alone. But I always show up alone on Sundays. Unless I bring one of my high school girls with me.

    1. Thanks for following Naomi! I feel much older than I really am. But I always love seeing people alone at church. It shows me that they are not afraid, or ashamed to worship God all on their own. I just find it inspiring :)


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