Friday, December 29, 2017

Fashion Friday {Adieu 2017}

Since this is the last Fashion Friday of 2017 I thought I would do some reflecting.
While this has been a strange year for the Country it has been an exciting one for me personally. I entered my 30's hopeful and tried my hardest to not think about how my twenties were long gone. I started a new chapter of fulfilling my dreams instead of just dreaming about it. Do you ever get in that rut of those almost new years resolutions. Where you have your good intentions but then just never see them through. That happens to me pretty much every year. This year I knew I was going to do something! I knew I was going to do that expo and just took it step by step. I didn't want to expect anything I just wanted say that I did it. I succeeded in pushing myself to do something.
So that will be new motto for new years resolutions to come.
Just take it step by step!

Thank you all for following along with me for another year. I'm so excited for what 2018 has in store!

Happy New Year!

Top: Target, Jeans: Pacsun, Shoes: Stylesforless


Friday, December 22, 2017

Fashion Friday {Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays}

 I can't say "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" without singing the Nsync song in my head. You know you are now too! We are staying home this Christmas instead of traveling to see family. I really enjoy the simplicity of just doing the holidays as a family. No chaos and no stress. I can drink all the egg nog and the only one who will complain is the hubby. Between the Reed family birthdays and christmas I really love sitting on the couch {egg nog in hand} marathoning all the Christmas movies I can take. Once Christmas is over you have no real reason to watch them. 

Our favorite Christmas movies:

1: A Christmas Carol {George C. Scott version}
2:It's a wonderful life
3: Home Alone 1 and 2
4: Elf
5: Four Christmases 

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and don't stress too much and enjoy the holidays!

Sweater: Forever21, Jeans: H&M, Necklace: Forever21


Friday, December 15, 2017

Fashion Friday {Velvet Obsession}

Is anyone else totally obsessed with velvet these days? I was back in the day and still am. I love that it is it's turn for a comeback! There's really any excuse for wearing velvet especially for the holidays. I love this yellow gold mustard color. It was love as at first sight in the store. 
I've been so busy with the holiday season stuff that I didn't even get a chance to post last week. Yikes! I've also been in potty training season so that's literally been taking all of my focus. I got two weeks to finish the year out strong! At our house it's also birthday palooza! This weekend we are celebrating our little man turning 3! It goes way too fast! Only a couple more years and he will be in school. Then what will I do with my time?

On a side note my music is almost ready to record so I've been planning my trip to the recording studio. Which I'm so excited about it's hard to think about anything else! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


Friday, December 1, 2017

Fashion Friday {Girl Power}

 The last couple months have been at a standstill for me. I was on such a roll with writing music and making progress. Then everything stalled for a bit. I kno[w it's something to probably get used to. It did allow me to focus on being a mom and wife for a bit. Mostly "mom" because the hubby was gone for about six weeks and I had my hands full. But today finally I got back on track with my music. It's like slowing down in a race and everyone is passing you by. Soon enough that second wind kicks in and you're in it to win it! I can't wait to finish this project and see where the next chapter takes me. Hopefully somewhere! 

Happy Friday everyone! 

Top: Ross, Jacket: Windsor, Skirt: Forever21, Boots: Belk, Necklaces: Stylesforless


Friday, November 24, 2017

Fashion Friday {Thanksgiving and Black Friday}

 I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We had a quiet one at home. I wanted it as stress free as possible. No guests meant no one to impress with a super clean house and a million homemade recipes. I took a cue from one of my friends and got some microwavable dishes that tasted just like homemade. Then got a small turkey breast that was just enough for us. Found an awesome recipe on Pinterest that is officially our new turkey recipe. It was that good! Then the boys fell asleep. Caleb barely got through dinner before he started to fall asleep. Then since we had nothing else to do. Riley really wanted to experience some Black Friday shopping. So we went over to Target right when the doors opened and the line was HUGE! I've worked at Target before for on Black Friday and I've done way later in the day. But I've never stood in line for a sale. It was crazy everyone running for all the deals. I was there for one deal and one deal only. I wanted Outlander season 2 on blu-ray. Yet, I still managed to snatch up some other stuff while we were there. 
Now, today on the real Black Friday I find myself using all my self control to not buy more stuff. I've been staying away from the ads, emails, and sites. I've stayed at home so I won't be tempted to go into the stores. It's been soo hard! I wish you brave souls all the luck in the world while you go out on your Black Friday shopping! 

"May the odds ever be in your favor".

Kimono: Forever21, Top: Forever21, Boots: Urbanog, Skirt: Wetseal


Friday, November 17, 2017

Fashion Friday {Boho Fall Fashion}

 Let's talk about podcasts for a second. I know people have probably been into them for awhile now. I don't get a chance to listen to them very often. But it's nice when you are cleaning the house or driving to work. I came across the worst podcast ever this year with Christine Lakin from Step by step. I loved my TGIF shows back in the day so I was super excited about all these interviews with these celebrities that I love. Basically they get together and talk about their worst experiences. Such as worst date ever, worst job etc. It's like getting a behind the scenes VIP pass to all things 90's tv. I've saved Anna Faris's podcast but haven't had a chance to listen yet. I need some more to listen to. Comment with your suggestions for me!
Happy Friday!!


Friday, November 10, 2017

Fashion Friday {Riley's Pick}

 Happy Veteran's Day!! I got my man home just in time to celebrate him. While we didn't do much but be couch potatoes and catch up on our shows and eat donuts. I'm pretty sure he was a happy camper doing just that. We went to Riley's veterans day program. She was so cute in her red, white and blue!
A thank you to all the men and women serving or who have served our country.  Especially all those in our family. It takes so much of who you are to make the sacrifice to serve our country. So, thank you for all that you do and have done!


Friday, November 3, 2017

Fashion Friday

It's November?! How is it that 2017 is almost over already. It's been such a crazy eventful year. I'm kinda excited to see what 2018 has to offer. 
Have you stocked up on all things pumpkin spice and egg nog yet? I currently am!
Happy Holiday Season !


Friday, October 27, 2017

Fashion Friday {I AM A SURVIVOR}

Today is my Canceriversary as I like to call it. I am 8 years cancer free! It's still strange to think that that is my life. Well it's not entirely hard to forget when I have to take that little pill every morning before I can start my day. In the more recent years I have developed a calcium deficiency because of it. I'm not sure if it was a combination of my last pregnancy or not. It actually started a year before I even had Caleb. So, maybe it was amplified by the pregnancy. I ended up spending my Christmas Eve getting a MRI because the right side of my face had gone completely numb. They thought I was having a stroke. We didn't tell anyone we didn't want to worry anyone if it was nothing. So we suffered in silence during that holiday season til we got the results back. No brain tumor thankfully just a calcium deficiency. It's amazing how we really need all these things in our body and how we can take them for granted. I thought I would be able to go back to normal but they just added more pills over the years. So looks like I'm stuck with it forever. But I can't complain because a lot of people have it way worse. They have get so sick and deal with chemo and hair loss. Where I have to deal with pills and regular checkups and scans. 
Nevertheless here I am. I am a survivor. A Cancer survivor. 

Top: Stylesforless, Kimono: Target, Jeans: Pacsun
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