Friday, July 26, 2019

Fashion Friday {summertime sadness}

It has been brought to my attention that there is one week left of summer. Kids go back to school on the 1st. Early for some I know. A whole week earlier than last year. The schedule is all kinds of crazy. I will confess though I'm ready for summer to be over. I am that mom that all the memes are about. The ones wondering why are we going through more groceries during the summer. The ones about the kids bickering and fighting non-stop. The ones of the moms having to entertain the kids full time every. single. day. Yep! That's me.
I'm ready to get back the routine. The free for all is only fun for so long. 
I've got plans for the year. Starting a new school year is like new years for me. I got all these resolutions. 
1: Maybe get a job.
2: Music lessons.
4: DIY Projects.

See my school year is already planned out. 
What things are you planning on doing once summer is done?


Friday, July 12, 2019

Fashion Friday {Rest and Relaxation}

Summer is almost over and with a possible move on the horizon I am already contemplating my fall/winter wardrobe. Each year it seems like the summer season and my summer wardrobe don't last very long. I'm always behind. I can never seem to buy things ahead of time. Right now my brain is still in the spring cleaning mindset. I just want to get rid of so much stuff. That could also be because I didn't finish my summer clean out projects. I have barely even gotten though one book on my summer reading list. Confession it's still the same book list as last summer. 
You might think I am putting too much stuff on my plate. Right? It's summer I should just have no plans and no lists. Just relax and enjoy things. I am trying that out slowly in all areas of my life. 

Social Media: 
I've been not posting as much. That way I don't have to rush to having something every day. 
Which has been my little motto for a couple of years now. While I do love an aesthetically pleasing IG grid. I always felt too much pressure. Felt like I needed to compare to those who do. While there is nothing wrong with that. I wanted to focus on what was best for me. 
I even have in my bio "no rhyme to my reason". Which means you won't find carefully planned color schemes, types of photos etc. You will just find me, my life, and my family. I don't like a lot of rules when it comes to expressing myself through my creativity. 
Blogging (writing), fashion, photography are all my passions. I want the freedom to do that in a no judgement zone. I want to be relatable. That's why I don't apologize for not always buying a ton of brand new, brand name clothes. I'm real and want to be relatable. I'm a frugal, budget conscious army wife. That's a 100% me! Like it, love it or leave it.
With that said I am seeing a lot of people posting these very thoughts. No more of this portraying a perfect, picturesque lifestyle. I was onto something! 

I haven't been planning blog posts in awhile either. I've been working on just organizing my life. I have seen a decrease in my views/comments. That's okay though. This is meant to be outlet. I'm sure the right person will come along and read what I have to say and it might help them, entertain them etc. I know I may not be best writer. I know I'm horrible at grammar. If you are one of those people who edit everything a person says.  You will not find commas in the right place here mr. That's just fine as well. I'm honest about myself. 

I have been here in Georgia for about three years now. I still haven't gotten it exactly how I wanted it. That's why I haven't shared the decor on here as much as I would've wanted. Now with limited time left here it's almost pointless. I promise to post an as is home decor to show my barely there process. Hope for the best in the next place to really dig in and stop being indecisive about everything. That's the hard part about moving around so much. I want to put a lot into a home but then life happens and before I know it we have to move again. Only 5 years left til retirement though!! 

I've taken a step back from doing photography as a business. I've done a lot of passion projects. But haven't put a lot of effort or time into it. There are a lot of photographers around here and really hard to compete with. So I decided to put everything into my music. Every extra dollar, every effort, every extra second into working on my craft. Music is my true passion. It's what I want to do for the rest of my life. But I still want to have my hand in all of my passions. My focus is just one thing at a time right now. That might show  in my blog. I've dropped a lot of weekly posts. In fact this is the longest blog I've written in a long time! 

To sum everything up. I've slacked off in some areas. Put too much pressure on myself in some areas. But in the most important areas I have been confident and content. 
I hope that inspires you to take a step back and reevaluate as well as find what you are truly passionate about and pursue it. Not just follow what everyone else is doing.
Happy Friday!


Friday, July 5, 2019

Fashion Friday {Freedom}

I am so happy to announce that we are now debt free. We've been "kind of" following the Dave Ramsey method. No loans, no credit car debt. It's an awesome feeling. I really hope that we can stick to it. It takes a lot of determination and sacrifice to reach these kinds of goals. We have our next baby step goals planned to reach for the rest of the year. I highly recommend diving into this program. 
No one likes to be tied down by a mountain of debt. 

Now it's time save, travel, and live our lives a little bit more. I'm excited for the next chapter for us. 
We've got some more crazy adventures on the horizon.

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