Thursday, April 11, 2013

{Family Time} Grand Prix Workshop 1

We had an awesome little family activity on Sunday afternoon. Riley and I do Awana's together at the Chapel on base once a week. They are always doing little events that are really fun. At the end of the month we are doing the Awana Grand Prix. Riley was totally into it, she does in fact like cars and superheroes. She takes after me I guess. I thought it would be a fun thing to do for some Daddy-Daughter time. So I just came along and took pictures of them doing their first workshop. They were so cute together. Riley telling him how she wanetd it to look. Then going off to play, coming back and watching him. It will be a fun process. I will post our progress and also photos from the race too!

Discussing their plans for the car. She wants a Lightning McQueen "Girl"
Getting Started

Riley watching her daddy work

Showing me her car

Evan was pretty popular

The kids would rather play while the Dads did all the work

Riley wanted a fin for the back of the car



  1. These pictures are SO cute! Riley is a doll. I did Awana's growing up and I loved it! So much fun!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I thought Awana's was such a common thing. But I've been finding so many people who don't know what it is! :)


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