Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{Conversations with a five year old}

Riley: I need to go to high school

Daddy: You are too young for high school

Riley: But I'm wearing high heels

Riley: Is that Daddy?

Mommy: That was fast..

Riley: Well, he's running

Mommy: Can you help me put my shoes on?

Riley: You can do it I trust you.

Mommy: Riley why are you so crazy and wild? 

Riley: I don't know

Mommy: Is it because your brother is coming and you are trying to cling to every last bit of attention you can get? 

Riley: YES! 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

{ Baby Mustache Bash }

A week or so ago we had a mini code baby shower. I was told later it's called a baby "sprinkle".
It was just a small, simple get together. I wanted to celebrate my little man in some way. I put together a simple mustache themed party. We bbq'ed had some opt- in games. A diaper raffle and baby face. Which ended up being pretty funny.
We took pictures of myself, Evan and Riley and we cut them up so it was just our features. Eyes, nose etc. Had our guests put together what they thought baby was going to look like. Then Riley picked the winner. Some of them came out looking kinda creepy. 

Overall, it was a nice relaxing time with some friends. 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{Pregnancy Update} 33 weeks

I'm finally nearing the end of this pregnancy and.....{drum roll please} I've ditched the crutches! I'm still not entirely 100% but it's better than being attached to those annoying things 24/7. 
Nesting is in full swing. I've been cleaning stuff out, trashing stuff, and selling stuff. Especially now that I can actually walk! It's liberating to have a clean house again! 

I almost have his little baby nook all done too {post coming soon}. Getting all the bags ready for the hospital {post coming soon too} It's all going so fast and life is about to change drastically! It's totally blowing my mind! Can't wait to see his little face and smell that new baby smell.

Baby is about 4 pounds {about the size of a pineapple} and he's passed the 17-inch mark. His skeleton is hardening and he's quickly losing the wrinkled alien look.

I officially can't wear my wedding ring now. My feet are puffy and swollen and I can't fit into most of my shoes. AND my belly button has been sticking out for weeks. My cravings are still the same. Cheeseburgers are a constant for me but rarely get to have them. Dessert is another weakness. All my ideas of eating healthy during this pregnancy went out the window a long time ago. I tried I really did. But nothing I planned on for this pregnancy has happened. So I throw my hands up. I'm not the boss! :) 

My only favorite thing about all of this has been feeling my baby move around. He kicks all the time mostly when people try to talk to him or touch my belly. He's already so protective of me. {Or that's what I tell myself at least} 

.......Until next time. Hopefully I can get more posts up before baby comes.


Top: {maternity}


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{maternity fashion} 29 weeks....Hello Third Trimester

I am in the third trimester now. I am on the last leg of this pregnancy. It feels like it's gone by fast but slow at the same time. It's hard to remember when I wasn't pregnant. A dirty little trick played on moms-to-be I presume. Right when you get used to one part of it everything gets changed up.
So far none of the pregnancy symptoms have come back with a vengeance. I get tired here and there.  Not being able to walk without crutches has made me have more rest than I was anticipating. 
I am now at 29 weeks today. 11 more weeks to go. Life is about to change and it's going to be so strange and exciting. Tiring...but exciting. Before long it's going to be weird to think of life without our little man.

I've been nesting and preparing as much as I physically can.
I've come up with a list of main essentials that I know I need for sure before he comes.
That's put my mind at ease a bit. It can be overwhelming no matter how many kids you have.
(Post my list soon!)

Baby is around 2 1/2 pounds now (about the size of a butternut squash) and a little over 15 inches long. He's still regularly active all the time! His muscles and lungs are maturing and head is growing as well for his developing brain.

My Outfit:
{Sized up for oversized sweater and leggings. Leggings were only $3.90...SCORE!!)

Hat, Sweater, Necklace, Leggings:


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{Pregnancy} 27 Weeks/Baby checkup

Well I am 27 weeks today. That brings about a different set of fears and anxiety. 
And it's ironic because it's also pregnancy loss awareness month. 
27 weeks is when my water broke with my first son. So now that I'm 27 weeks with my second son. It gets me a little on edge. Basically for the next 90 days I will be holding my breath, on pins and needles just waiting for this little man to get here. Hoping for a healthy child and a safe delivery. 
While my water did break early with my first son I had enough fluid to not deliver. I was stuck in the hospital on strict bed rest until it was time to deliver him. Which is very similar to my knee situation now. I'm immobile yet again. It's making for a very emotional third trimester. 

 Baby Update

Baby almost weighs 2 pounds and is roughly 14 1/2 inches long. About the size of a head of cauliflower. He's asleep and awake at regular intervals and opening and closing those little eyes. His brain tissue is developing and is very active now.
He's still really active most of the time. He's really strong so his kicks are pretty intense. Super intense for a "2 pound baby". Overall he's still healthy and growing just like he should.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{Apple Picking} 26 weeks pregnant

I know I know I've been M.I.A again lately. 
As you can see in the picture below or if you follow me on instagram @ashley.reed
You can see that I had a little incident. 
Yep! Last week I attempted to take my daughter to a "Science expo" at her school and proceeded to slip on water and fall right down on my knee. NOT ON MY BELLY of course that was the major concern! Baby boy was all good still kicking around like a crazy man. I however was in excruciating pain. So now we get to add this to our "things to NOT do when you are pregnant" list. It's a pretty big list. I'm afraid to go anywhere now. I've been hopping, scooting along and using crutches. Which by the way despite popular belief are not comfortable! They are extremely painful to your hands, armpits and a little pregnancy weight and bam! You got a miserable mama!
So I had a week of being a couch potato watching some reality home makeover shows. Trying not to be bored. But the same scene gets old after awhile.
So when it was sunday and it was the day of our little family tradition in New England. I demanded we go. I didn't care of the pain I didn't want us to miss out. Apple Hill farm has done an awesome military appreciation day every year and I did not want us to miss it this year. 
So we got me in the car with my crutches drove up to New Hampshire just in time for the festivities to start. But we didn't have very long so we had to cram in things {well the husband and Riley did} I was stuck on bench. But hey at least I was outside and it was a nice fall day. We got a bag of apples for free. Riley got to paint a pumpkin. I didn't get my apple crisp but the hubs said he will buy me a pie :) {music to a pregos ear}
Overall it was a nice family day.

He should be over a pound and  1/2 now. Approximately the size of a scallion. He can hear us now.
We like to play this game of telling him not to kick us and then watch him kick away. Pretty amusing to me. 
I'm finishing up my baby registry and nesting as much as I can. After all once halloween hits the months go by extremely fast. I only have 98 days/14 weeks left til my due date!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Fashion Friday Casual Chic

A little update for you.
I'm finally feeling better in this pregnancy which is such a huge relief. Now I can really enjoy it. This little man is still kicking away all day long practically. He's strong too! It feels like he's drumming some beats in there. He is about a pound and a  half now as I am 24 weeks/ 6 months now. And he's good and healthy and looking good in his ultrasound. He even gave us a thumbs up which we did get a picture of. So now all that's left is picking out the perfect car seat, the perfect stroller, and the fuzziest little blankets for my little man. It has been hard finding cute clothes for boys.
Anyone have suggestions ? I'd love to hear about some unknown places that I haven't tried yet. It does feel like I'm starting over since it's been so long. But also because it's a boy and I'm so used to girlie stuff. 

Jeans: H&M {exact}
Top: H&M {similar}
Vest: H&M {similar}
Boots: Stylesforless

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Conversations with a five year old

::eating dessert::

This is not blood's chocolate 

Daddy: Riley mommy won tell her congratulations


Daddy: Tell her congratulations

Riley: I'll just clap 

"I am an expert at tasting things"

Riley: My hair is longer than yours

Mommy: How do you know?

Riley: Because I growed mine 

Mommy: What movie do you want to rent? 

Riley:Can we see if there's something appropriate for me?

Mommy: Ow 

Riley: What's wrong? 

Mommy: I just poked my face with the straw 

Riley: I do the same thing sometimes 

Riley: Are you going to be a grandma?

Mommy: Ugh .,..only if you make me one 

Riley: I want to drink soda so I won't be a grandma or grandpa 

::::Putting on tap shoes::::
Can I wear these forever

:::Sitting down for movie :::
Make room for the baby (referring to herself )


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thing I'm Loving

This last week was the first full week of Ri's new schedule. 
I'm getting used to her being gone all day. It can get kinda lonely though. So now it's time for cleaning/nesting and projects to be done.

She also started her dance/gymnastics class this week. She was soo excited and so cute too!

Another big deal this week! I finally made my first purchase ever at an H&M!! I know isn't that nuts. I've never really spent time in the store before. I was on a mission for decent maternity jeans because it's getting cold really fast here in New England. I needed to get prepared. There's rumor that we are in for a bad winter too! Yikes!! We went to the biggest one near us. Ri of course fell in love with the store! It's now her absolute favorite! I walked away with a few pieces to continue to get me through this pregnancy. 

Oh and I'm on the cover of renew magazine's latest issue

Until next week....  :)
H & M Clothing Haul

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fashion Friday

The weeks seem to be going by faster now.  A full time kindergartener with a full schedule is hard to keep up with but we are new at this. I'm sure we will get the hang of it. 
I am 22 weeks and 3 days. This pregnancy is going by really fast. It's funny how you make all these plans pre pregnancy and they don't seem to work out. I was going to journal more. I was going to get caught up on scrapbooking. I was going to take pictures of my belly every week. All those things are great but in reality. This pregnant lady has been tired. Half the time I don't even do my hair let alone my makeup. It just goes to show you that you can plan all you want with a pregnancy but once you are there doing it. It's kinda hard to follow through. You have to adapt and be flexible because your baby is apparently the boss and you are just along for the ride. 

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