Thursday, June 27, 2013

{Fashion and Faith Thursdays} Simplicity - Recylced part 2

I brought back another thing from back in the day. This polka dot top was not as old as the striped skirt  that I previously posted about. This top is at least five years old. It was another piece that I just couldn't part with. I like to hold on to to the pieces that I feel were one of a kind, I guess. I haven't seen a top like this since then. I love black and white and I love polka dots, and I loved it paired with the boldness of the red maxi skirt. I love recycling old things of mine. I've been trying really hard to not buy anything new lately. And just work with what I have. In fact I went to the mall the other day and left without buying anything. That was hard. I haven't even been looking online for inspiration. I've just been working through my closet.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Fashion & Faith Thursdays} Crochet and floral

Top, bottom: loveculture, Boots: Forever21, Necklace: Gift, Bracelets: wetseal

It's thursday already? It's been such a crazy week. I started losing track of my days. The hubby is finally home yay! It's so great to be a little family again. We spent most of our weekend together unplugged, quiet and just being together. BBQing of course for fathers day, playing at the park, going on a date. Lots of quality time. Then of course that was short lived and we had to get back to the normal grind. He went back to work while I did the mom thing. School, cleaning as well as getting some editing done on the latest photo shoots. Check out my other blog for my photography. I recently posted about an awesome 1940's styled shoot which was super fun! I'm just glad it's almost the weekend and we can all do fun things together. Maybe go to the drive in movie theater or the water park haven't decided yet! It's good to have the hubby home!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{Photo Bomber} My mini fashionista

Everyone seemed to love the photo of my mini photo bomber in the last post. So I decided I should dedicate an entire post just to her and all the fun little times she's gotten in on the action. She thinks she's a mini model and it's so cute. She definitely has the posing down that's for sure. Sometimes she waits her turn to get pictures of her when we are shooting for my fashion posts. Other times not so much, she just comes right in and gets in there with me, even pulling up a chair too.  It's pretty hilarious actually! She's my mini me and I love her so much! One of these days she's going to pass me up and steal the show. That's alright though, she's cute and I don't mind it.

She stole my hat too!

Then she turned into a hair stylist for the shoot as well. She's a jack of all trades!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

{Fashion & Faith Thursdays} What I wore

Hat, Dress, Necklace: Forever21, Shoes: DWDS
 I wanted to do a separate post for what I wore for Open Mic Night.
Then I found out about Fashion & Faith has started a link up that I wanted to join. So it ended up being perfect timing! As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love! Even though I recently bought another high-low polka dot dress, I couldn't pass this one up. The fit is so flattering as well as the length. I love the pleats in front too,  it definitely sets it apart from similar dresses  that I have seen. 
The necklace I bought last year. I really wanted a vintage looking stopwatch necklace. I lucked out and found one in a Forever21 in Michigan when I was passing through. 
The hat well I love HATS! I've always worn some kind of hat back in the day. So I thought what the heck! Let's get back to my roots. So I found this super cute fedora hat in the clearance bin for like $6. I couldn't pass it up! P.S shout out to my sister in law for giving me a be-lated birthday gift card that made this outfit happen!

Confession time: I only recently got interested in shoes. Shoes were never really my thing. I hate sneakers/tennis shoes. I always hated how you could have an awesome outfit and tennis shoes just ruin the entire thing. Or maybe I just had ugly shoes growing up, I don't know. All I know is, I maybe had a couple pairs of shoes in my closet my entire life/marriage then 2010/2011 came and I doubled that! Sandals, boots, booties, heels galore.. buying shoes was probably how I got through the hubby's deployment. {hmmm contemplating that thought} I haven't bought a single pair of shoes {besides Snow Boots} since then. So, I really wanted some new shoes, that weren't falling apart. I had never bought from DWDS before. I heard about them from someone but was kind of scared to try. You never know the quality of a discount shoe right? But they turned out so great, and comfortable! YAY!

So go find some more fun little fashion posts, and be inspired by awesome woman with awesome style!
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.......And my little monkey likes to photo bomb my pictures!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{Recap} Open Mic Night

Words cannot describe! The huge ordeal that I go through just to sing one 3 minute song. It's kind of ridiculous. If you read the previous post about all that I do before a performance, you would see it seems kind of normal. I left out the excruciating part about my anxiety. Ever since I can remember I've dealt with the stage fright of course. Like any normal performer, I guess. But ever since 2009 I believe, my anxiety has amplified tremendously. Before it would just be butterflies in my stomach, get a little shaky and what not. Now it's a burning in my chest, and my stomach. And I will literally sit in front of the mirror giving myself a pep talk.

"You can do this! You've done it a million times before! You got this, just go out there and be yourself"

I say it over and over and over again, and then I pray.

Not only that but I was driving to Cambridge which is pretty much Boston. By myself nonetheless, no husband to chauffeur me around.

I ended up being pushed to the bottom of the list. So I was close to the last one to perform. I felt comfortable by then. It was a good crowd, a very encouraging crowd. So I went up there and did it, and I remembered everything words, cues, etc.

Everyone did original music, covers, and spoken word {poetry readings}. I love being around all this talent. Everyone encourages each other. All those times they talk about musicians feeling like outcasts in life. Until they go to an arts school, or find other talented people to be around. They weren't lying. You really do feel like you are at home, like you belong! :)

I did hear rumors about doing this open mic night once a month. So feel free to join us next time at the Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, Ma!

Photo Credit: Jenny Courtney Photography

...........And now here's me! :)

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