Friday, February 16, 2018

Fashion Friday {Still Thirty-ish, Flirty and thriving}

This week was my birthday! I didn't even leave my house. Except for my daughters piano lesson and ordering pizza so I didn't have to cook. It was a pretty uneventful day but still nice. I guess the older you get the less fuss you need over your birthday. NAH!! I will always need a fuss! I love doing birthdays big! I'm glad I timed it right with going to California to record in a recording studio for the first time ever. Literally the best way I could think of to celebrate my birthday besides being with my family. Which my kids sang happy birthday to me and put a candle {with my help of course} into a plate full of brownies and we watched a mystery movie. It was the cutest thing ever! Life in your thirties can't be that bad right?

Happy Friday everyone! I'm off to another adventure! Next stop Selma, Alabama!!

Jacket: Windsor, Hat: Shoppriceless, Dress: Forever21


Friday, February 9, 2018

Fashion Friday

Well deployment is in full swing now. So far we are surviving but the emotions are high! I couldn't imagine what it would feel like with teenagers and a deployment. That we might not survive!
I was inspired by Clare Bowen's character "Scarlett O'conner  in Nashville. One of my favorite shows. The hubby was spontaneous in finding this cute little spot to take pictures and the lighting was so great. Happy Friday !! Until next time!

Hat: Forever21, Top: H&M, Skirt: Shoppriceless, boots: belk

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Army Wife Deployment Checklist

I've been an Army wife for about 12 years now but have been lucky enough to have gone through one deployment since being married. But I have been through my fair share of long absences. Three 4-6 week long ones this last year and we are coming upon a longer deployment. 
So I thought I would put together a little deployment survival list. These are just some things I've done or plan on doing to get through the time apart. It is so hard even more now with kids and you need those extra little things to make it a little easier!


Netflix/Hulu Subscription to binge on.
{Just waste time and plow through those shows.}

::Bingeworthy shows::
Stranger things
New Girl
Friends...of course

Movie nights/Game nights with friends or your kids

Use that Library card so you don't have to buy books.
E-books/Audible Books
{These are super fun because you just subscribe on your phone and listen very little effort put in}


At home spa
{great to do if you have a daughter or have kids and can't get a babysitter}
Facial masks
Bubble bath
{with candles, little debbie cakes my personal fave, candles}
Caddy Tray  link {perfect for combining the entertainment and pampering yourself}

Dessert for one:
Microwavable cakes or pie for one
Low calorie ice cream like Halo {peanut butter chocolate is my fave}
Bark thins

Gym Membership:

Keeps you busy and keeps you healthy.
If you have kids make sure it has childcare.


Paper goods so you don't have to do dishes all the time.

Cleaning lady
{If not all the time have them come once or twice a month for a deep cleaning. If you play your cards right you might not have to touch those toilets for the whole deployment}

OR if cleaning is your thing then you just go to town!


DIY projects
{I have a lot of furniture to redo:}
China cabinet
several chairs


This one is important for your mental health honestly.
Mommys' need those breaks even if its just to go grocery shopping by yourself.


Trampoline parks
Laser Tag
Roller skating
Theme park
mini golf
Theme/water park


Road trips
Visit family out of state
One adventure a month that your spouse is gone


Learn an instrument
Learn a different language
Volunteer somewhere


Friday, February 2, 2018

Fashion Friday

 We've made it to February! My birthday month! Is it strange that I'm more excited for my trip to California to record then I am for my birthday! This last year was insane and full of some awesome stuff. But I feel like this year might top it. I'm hoping it's a life changing year! 

Perfect timing to wear this top again. It's one of my faves! "Girl Power". It's such a great time to be a woman these days. So much empowerment going around it's hard to not get catch some of those vibes! Happy Friday !!

Blazer: Forever21, Hat: Shoppriceless, Jeans: H&M, Top: Ross Dress for less

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