Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Military Life} The good and the bad

We've been in the military now for about eight years. We've lived in four different states in the time frame. Kentucky, California, Colorado and now Massachusetts. I don't really watch the show "Army Wives" but from what I have seen. I can tell you it's not really like that at all. It's funny how things work out. When I was high school the only military bases I had been to was George Air Force base {which was not even operational anymore} and Edwards Air Force base which is in the middle of nowhere. I did not see myself as a military wife, nor did I want to be one.  But here I am! God seems to have a sense of humor I guess. Maybe a little bit of growing up, falling in love and sacrifice had something to do with the change of heart.

When we first started dating. Evan had just finished his basic training and deployed for a year a couple months into our relationship. That was a huge test, but we survived. I think that was the beginning of what has made us so strong.

 Then time came to be a military wife and not just a military girlfriend.

The perks about military life. We get housing, whether it's on a base or off base. Sometimes you have to be on a waiting list though. Sometimes you don't know where you will live before you get there.

You get to travel!

At first this scared me. I had never lived anywhere else but my home in Southern California. I didn't think I would fit in anywhere else. Our first station was in Kentucky. Which is an entirely different world then what I was used to. We got a somewhat nice three bedroom house/townhome for our FIRST home together. We had no furniture besides what my parents gave us. My tiny full size bed, a couple dressers, a futon. We had an a couple of old TV's from parents and grandparents and had the one downstairs on this little wicker basket. Luckily we got a washer and dryer from someone who was moving for really cheap. Up until then we did the laundromat which was an adventure! We also got this hideous lazy-boy recliner for free and then we had camping chairs as our living room furniture. That's how things were for the first few years. Slowly getting a couch and other things here and there. We saved up for our first computer an E-MACHINE HA! It was so horrible and we had no desk so it was on top of one of his trunks and we had to sit on the floor to use it. Oh humble beginnings indeed!

We lucked out and got to go back to California and be closer to home which was nice. We had a tiny apartment style house this time. Only two bedrooms and one bathroom. But it was easy to clean since it was so small. Then Colorado for 2 1/2 years another 12-month deployment and now Massachusetts for 3 years. And the hubs is gone right now for two months for school.

The downside to traveling. You are actually moving every couple of years. At least Army does. Other branches might be in places longer. But for us it is every 2-3 years. We pack it up and move to a new state, new house. You have to say good bye to the friends you made and you have to start all over again. We have to transfer EVERYTHING over, medical files, dentist files. Start out with new doctors, and dentists.

 The worst part of it all! Having to be separated from my hubby! Whether it's a school for a couple months or training for several weeks at a time or a deployment for a year or more. It's a constant thing in the military. So here and there I get a taste of the single mom life. It's hard, one of the hardest things to do. I'm so thankful for Skype these days though. When we were dating we only had email, and instant messages and Myspace. Yes this was before Facebook! It's worse for the kids though! I know what I have to deal with. Poor Riley doesn't really understand why her Daddy has to be gone instead of here. It makes me sad.

So this has just been a little insight into what it's like to be an Army wife and the crazy life we live.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{DIY} Personalized Silhouette Cameo Frames

I've finally been able to catch up on some {DIY} projects that I've been wanting to do. I had really wanted some silhouette cameo frames for my house. I had searched all over for maybe some printable ones so I could do it inexpensively. After finding this similar project on camillestyles.com I put my two ideas together. She used them for place cards for a wedding. I figured I could do it for my frame idea.

So I took pictures of each of us. Evan, Riley and I against one of our walls. Doesn't have to be perfect just a profile picture.
Then I just printed them out in different sizes at Walgreens. I wasn't sure about which frames I would get.

I cut them out with small precision scissors {JoAnns} Make sure to go around all the features like nose and mouth.

I grabbed some extra spray paint that I had around doesn't have to be this type you can use any craft spray paint and all different colors. 

Flipped them over and sprayed the back. Don't spray too close or it will make it look drippy and looks funny.

It didn't take that long for it to dry. Maybe 10 min or so 

I picked scrapbook paper that would look good behind the silhouettes. You can pick any kind you like. I used 12x12 "I love you" paper from {Joanns}
I traced the glass from the different frames that I used. Three sheets of paper were just enough for 2 8x10 frames and 2 5x7 frames.

Placed the paper in the frames. Frames are from {Hobby Lobby}

I used scrapbooking double sided tape to tape the silhouettes onto the scrapbooking paper.

VOILA! Our very own Personalized Silhouette Cameo Frames for our Dining room. 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

{fashion friday...on Saturday} Festival Fashion part 3

It's been a long, rough week. But everything has calmed down. They caught the last suspect in the bombings and hopefully we can get some answers now. We can all stop holding our breath for the moment and focus on supporting and caring for the injured. Get back to the much needed grieving of the ones who were lost. I have so much respect for the law enforcement that single-handedly captured this last suspect peacefully. They spent almost 24 hours straight hunting this guy down and did it successfully. Everyone did such an amazing job, and Boston can now celebrate as well as the rest of the Country.

Life goes on and on the West Coast everyone is on to the second weekend of Coachella. So here is the last installment of the theme for the week. 

This outfit ended up being more comfortable then I thought. And can also be transitioned to maternity too! If you don't mind a little belly popping out if you are a little bigger. Why not show off that baby bump!{no I am not pregnant}
Headband: Target, Top:Wetseal, Skirt: TJMaxx, Sandals: Forever21


Link up your blog in the comments if you have some awesome festival fashion!

Friday, April 19, 2013

{Chaos} Boston Lockdown

I'm postponing Fashion Friday til later.
It feels out of place with all this chaos around me. I want to respect the situation, and the people.

Woke up really early this morning{7:00 am} to Evan telling me they had on suspect and the other one was on the run.
We've been obsessing about this whole thing since Monday. I felt very discouraged at all the footage, that they were using to find the bombers. No one looked out of place to me. No one looked suspicious. Paranoia has been every which way and it seemed like it would never happen. Evan pulled up photos that were released to try and get a better look. They looked normal. Didn't everyone there have bags with them? Didn't most people wear hats, it was a nice sunny day.
But here we are about 12 hours in to Boston and surrounding cities being put on lockdown. {UPDATE: One suspect killed, second one is still on the run, it's only a matter of though before he's caught}

I've never been so close to something like this. I came kind of close a couple times to minor things.

Once in my fave burger place back home. We were having a mommy-daughter. My sister, my mom and I and while we were eating the place got robbed. I only realized after the fact when someone started yelling about the guy running outside. I looked up from tasty burger and was really confused. A couple of guys came in behind a girl ordering and robbed the place at gun point. Didn't shoot anyone but hit the girl with his gun. We were stuck there for hours while the cops came and questioned everyone, dusted for fingerprints.

Another time I was a teenager and we were living in a different house that was closer to the mall ...and a couple of banks. One guy robbed the bank and took off behind the houses {including ours} my mom was the only one there and thankfully she didn't get hurt.

I'm really in awe of how every time that this country goes through tragedy everyone comes together. Can't we always be like this? Supporting, giving to one another, loving, praying together, and fighting for justice.

I heard this song this morning and I thought it was very fitting!

Through it all, we've been thrown in the fire
We've been lost in the flame - But we will rise from the ashes again
All our hearts have been broken, burned by the flame
But we will rise from the ashes again


Thursday, April 18, 2013

{Festival Fashion} Part 2

It's been such a weird week and it went by kind of fast. Riley is on Spring Break and we've been kind of bored. Having our little couch potato moments of course. So we are spending these last couple days to go out and do some fun things together. We like to get crafty and do little projects. 

A few things on our list:
Making home decor: Like frames, collages, and fireplace mantle pieces
RE-doing some furniture. We are on the search for some awesome pieces {She really likes to do this one, it's kind of addicting}
Then some kid stuff, painting etc etc.

 Keeping with the theme this week of festival fashion. 
I quickly threw this outfit together. Festival Fashion to me is kind of relaxed, comfortable. These boots are practically slippers so they are very comfortable! I like mixing textures, prints. It's all about being eclectic. I don't know I literally threw it together in a couple minutes and went with it. That is usually how it happens for me. HA!


Vest: PapayaClothing, Top+Shorts: WetSeal, Jewelry:Stylesforless, Boots: Amazon

What is your favorite festival fashion trends? Or favorite DIY project? I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{Prayers for Boston} Too close to home

I'm not even really sure how I want to start this. I attempted yesterday, but the words didn't come out right. Monday {Patriots Day} was a really scary day. A very surreal day that felt like it should be in the movies. Senseless acts of evil seem to be creeping up around us more frequently lately. Bigger and extreme and shoved in our faces.

I usually don't watch the news too much. In fact I try very hard to avoid it at all costs. Not because I don't want to know what's going on in the world. Because I can't bare to have the the horrible things in my head, and my heart. I'm very empathetic, and when I hear, or  read. Or when I'm around such things as this I'm consumed by it all. I go into a dark hole of depression and sadness that can last for days. So I try to keep a safe distance.

This time it was placed right at my front door.

It was a normal work day and the husband had to get up super early because he and another soldier {co-worker} from their recruiting office were helping in the Boston Marathon. I get on Facebook and noticed that my husband's cousin posted about her brother running in the marathon.
I thought {and posted} "Oh cool, Evan's there today too". She later posts that he finished and all was good. I hadn't heard from Evan yet besides a few random texts. I assumed he was there for the whole thing. I later see another friend post on Facebook about an explosion at the marathon. Of course it doesn't click in my head and I assume fireworks for some reason, or something very minimal.

Then Evan calls! They were driving OUT of Boston after dropping someone off.

"Hey, I guess there was explosions at the race. Turn on the news."

I turned it on and saw the horror that was unfolding. You just don't realize how big things are until you are seeing it with your own eyes. I called our cousin to make sure her brother was okay and he was. I was glued to the television, like I'm sure everyone else was.

Thank GOD Evan got home later that night and we hugged for a long time. It was just too close! I'm so thankful GOD pulled him out of there when he did. Like he always does. I expect these types of things to happen when he deploys, but we are supposed to be safer here right?

I think everyone was effected from this tragedy in many different ways. We've been praying non stop for these families, for comfort, for healing.

Last night Riley prayed all by herself:

"I pray that the good guys catch the bad guys. And pray for Boston, and the people"

We may not understand why this happened. Or understand any of it, but we can trust that God will comfort us, and heal us and show us the way. 

Prov. 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight (NIV).

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Monday, April 15, 2013

{Spring/Summer} Festival Fashion

It's officially Spring..weather has finally started to warm up a bit. Flowers are starting to bloom. Grass is actually really green already!
One of the things that happens between spring cleaning, tanning, getting your bodies bathing suit ready is the fashion. One of the popular things going on is "Coachella style" or "Festival Fashion". I have never been to Coachella myself but I have been to plenty of summer concerts. So that will be the theme this week. Just some fun, casual boho-chicness..

This should be a fun week! :) Have a good monday 

Fringe boots: Urbanoutfitters, necklace: forever21, Dress: Local boutique


Friday, April 12, 2013

{Fashion Friday} Crops and Maxis

I feel like I've been going non-stop for the last couple weeks. Most of that has been on the computer. As much as I try to avoid it there's no other choice. Photography requires: Editing, networking, blogging, uploading, etc. Having a personal blog requires kind of the same: Blogging, photo uploads, typing, typing typing, publishing etc. I try to take a full break on the weekends now. But it can be so hard. My computer has become my friend a little. Last Friday I had to take it in to get repaired and it was only gone for like not even 12 hours and I missed it! I was so bored! That's so sad. So hopefully I will be making some changes with that. Summer is approaching and I want to go out and have fun. With the snow filled winters all I want to do is stay inside where its cozy and warm. It kind of spoils me a little bit, gets me into a rut. So I will be making changes before my eyes are permanently glazed over from the bright light of the computer screen and my fingers fall off from the constant typing. Slowly but surely!

Now it's Fashion Friday :)

I love lace!! It's just so pretty! The texture, the way it looks in the sun, the way it photographs. It's just classic! I love it!
Skirt: Wetseal, Booties, Jewelry: Forever21, Top:{ Local boutique}

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