Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{DIY} Personalized Silhouette Cameo Frames

I've finally been able to catch up on some {DIY} projects that I've been wanting to do. I had really wanted some silhouette cameo frames for my house. I had searched all over for maybe some printable ones so I could do it inexpensively. After finding this similar project on camillestyles.com I put my two ideas together. She used them for place cards for a wedding. I figured I could do it for my frame idea.

So I took pictures of each of us. Evan, Riley and I against one of our walls. Doesn't have to be perfect just a profile picture.
Then I just printed them out in different sizes at Walgreens. I wasn't sure about which frames I would get.

I cut them out with small precision scissors {JoAnns} Make sure to go around all the features like nose and mouth.

I grabbed some extra spray paint that I had around doesn't have to be this type you can use any craft spray paint and all different colors. 

Flipped them over and sprayed the back. Don't spray too close or it will make it look drippy and looks funny.

It didn't take that long for it to dry. Maybe 10 min or so 

I picked scrapbook paper that would look good behind the silhouettes. You can pick any kind you like. I used 12x12 "I love you" paper from {Joanns}
I traced the glass from the different frames that I used. Three sheets of paper were just enough for 2 8x10 frames and 2 5x7 frames.

Placed the paper in the frames. Frames are from {Hobby Lobby}

I used scrapbooking double sided tape to tape the silhouettes onto the scrapbooking paper.

VOILA! Our very own Personalized Silhouette Cameo Frames for our Dining room. 



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