Friday, April 19, 2013

{Chaos} Boston Lockdown

I'm postponing Fashion Friday til later.
It feels out of place with all this chaos around me. I want to respect the situation, and the people.

Woke up really early this morning{7:00 am} to Evan telling me they had on suspect and the other one was on the run.
We've been obsessing about this whole thing since Monday. I felt very discouraged at all the footage, that they were using to find the bombers. No one looked out of place to me. No one looked suspicious. Paranoia has been every which way and it seemed like it would never happen. Evan pulled up photos that were released to try and get a better look. They looked normal. Didn't everyone there have bags with them? Didn't most people wear hats, it was a nice sunny day.
But here we are about 12 hours in to Boston and surrounding cities being put on lockdown. {UPDATE: One suspect killed, second one is still on the run, it's only a matter of though before he's caught}

I've never been so close to something like this. I came kind of close a couple times to minor things.

Once in my fave burger place back home. We were having a mommy-daughter. My sister, my mom and I and while we were eating the place got robbed. I only realized after the fact when someone started yelling about the guy running outside. I looked up from tasty burger and was really confused. A couple of guys came in behind a girl ordering and robbed the place at gun point. Didn't shoot anyone but hit the girl with his gun. We were stuck there for hours while the cops came and questioned everyone, dusted for fingerprints.

Another time I was a teenager and we were living in a different house that was closer to the mall ...and a couple of banks. One guy robbed the bank and took off behind the houses {including ours} my mom was the only one there and thankfully she didn't get hurt.

I'm really in awe of how every time that this country goes through tragedy everyone comes together. Can't we always be like this? Supporting, giving to one another, loving, praying together, and fighting for justice.

I heard this song this morning and I thought it was very fitting!

Through it all, we've been thrown in the fire
We've been lost in the flame - But we will rise from the ashes again
All our hearts have been broken, burned by the flame
But we will rise from the ashes again


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