Thursday, December 15, 2022

Eating your feelings

A phrase I've heard so much this year. "Eating my feelings" Such an insane year and we all feel it. We're all unsettled. It's in the air. There's always bad news around the corner and we are just hanging on for dear life. 

I  miss the simple days of taking my notebook, pen and cd player (sometimes a cute artsy hat) to the backyard to write my feelings. 

Now there's no time. All there is work on top of work and just enough energy to climb into bed maybe watch a show and then fall asleep. Only to dream about all the things you are stressed about and waking up with a soar jaw from all grinding your teeth all night.

These just could be thoughts of a mom who is "single momming" it right now.  You work, then come home to more work. Cleaning, special projects, kids homework, their projects. The monotonous nightly routine just to get up and do the whole thing again. 

I understand why people LIVE for fridays. 


Just a thought.  




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