Friday, January 31, 2014

{Fashion Friday} Boho

I've been really getting into this eating clean thing. Trying new recipes and switching out the junk/processed foods for fresh/real food. 
I know it can be more expensive at times but it's so worth it. 
I went today and got all fruits, veggies, whole wheat breads including english muffins, bagels and tortillas. Plain greek yogurt, plain oatmeal, cottage cheese, tuna. There are certain foods that I don't particularly like. Let's be real.. I am kind of picky when it comes to food. I eat what I like so I just stocked up on that. Next trip will be chicken and turkey because I don't like fish. Oh well! 
I didn't buy any sweets! That was really hard. I have the biggest sweet tooth. Maybe because I am born two days before valentines day. I was meant to have chocolate. 
I also stocked up on a ton of vitamins. I am set for getting healthy this year!

Here's another Fashion {Friday} Outfit

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Been there...Ate That!

I have been getting adventurous in the Kitchen. I really enjoy cooking now!

It's funny because when I was younger and pretty far into my young mama years! I would constantly look in the pantry or fridge and say the most common phrase of the "lazy people"

"There's nothing to eat!"

I would drive my mom up the wall. Fact was there was nothing easy to make or nothing I wanted.
I wasn't really forced to cook growing up. I knew some basics. How to boil water, how to use a microwave ;) etc. You know important things.

I remember a couple times when we were living in Colorado. I had friends over for dinner on two separate occasions. Two separate friends. I think I made something easy that night. Probably things you just pop into an oven. And you know what?! Those friends made fun of me! They were expecting a real meal. I guess we had different views on a "real meal". I laughed it off but I was secretly bummed. No one likes to be made fun of. I kind of felt like a failure as a wife and a mom. Because I couldn't cook.

Another reason I believe Pinterest is sent from God to help some of us girls out with these stressful areas of our lives! Cooking, decorating, wedding planning, etc.

I had had enough and I started cooking. You know the funny thing was! I did know how to cook! Anyone can cook you just follow a recipe. Then after all it just comes naturally.

I even impress the husband on occasion!

Here are a few recipes I've done recently.

Grilled Flank Steak with Tomatoes

Egg Nog French Toast

Caprese Stuffed Turkey Burgers


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My heart's desire

I used to be scared of having kids. Was I really made to be a mom? I didn't even see myself as a stay at home mom really. In my somewhat small town, I would dream. I would dream big of being a famous actor/singer or fashion designer. Anything that would take me away from that somewhat small town.

When the idea of being a military wife first came up. I was most certainly not interested. Well, I was scared. The only picture I got of the military life was a non operational, run down George Air Force base. Or way out in the boonies, middle of nowhere Edwards Air Force base. I was scared! Who wouldn't be at the sight  of those places? 

But God had other plans!

I had been working hard on dreaming up my life plans in high school. The idea of being a mom was far from my mind. And the possibility of being a military wife was lost. 
I focused on my life and my dreams this time. I looked into photography schools, performing art schools, Christian schools. 
Not really making a decision. 

Then this boy walked into my life... Like they always do. He changed me, he changed my heart. He was in the Army so close from graduating basic training. Uh- oh a military guy? How did this happen again? I couldn't help it. I fell... I fell hard. We started talking and two months in he deployed to Iraq. 
And I had my first taste of the military life. I stayed faithful and true. I was honest and attentive. We lasted the entire 12 month deployment. { well minus a couple months but that doesn't count} 
I knew what sacrifice meant now, I knew what I wanted now. 

I may have never had the college experience. After all we got married at 19/20. I may have not experienced the normal young adult life. But I have gotten so much more.

After all God knew what he was doing when he brought Evan and I together. When he made me an Army wife to an amazing man. When he made me a mommy to two precious babies. One in heaven and one precious girl who loves to dance, loves footie pajamas, and loves to make us smile. I didn't need to be scared because my life was in Gods hands and he knew what was best for me even when I didn't. He knew the desires of my heart and he followed through on his promise. I know it's only the beginning.

And you know what I still got out of that somewhat small town. I am still avid about my passions. {Fashion, Photography, Music} I still get to pursue them in one way or another. I've had a life full of trials AND blessings. A life full of adventures!

PSALM 37:4

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Fashion} Stripes on Stripes

Yay! Another fashion post! It's been so freezing outside lately that I've stayed inside. I've become somewhat like a hermit with cabin fever! Yikes! I can't wait til spring/summer that's for sure. Sadly, it will be our last summer here in Boston though. The joys of military life. 
I was in the mood for some boldness and stripes are bold. Stripes are one of my favorite things, so why not put them together. A little edgy/business look.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

{DIY} Vintage Circus Party

I recently blogged about my daughters vintage circus birthday party! I thought I would share some of the easy DIY things I made for the party that came out pretty cute!

I had really envisioned some glorious tiered birthday cake for the party. But that was out of my budget and also unrealistic. It was a small party with just a few people {mainly because our house just isn't that big} Everywhere I looked cakes were too expensive or not what I wanted. A sheet cake that was too much cake and an easy $20. I decided to just make cupcakes again since it was easier and cheaper like her pixie/pirate party last year. 
I didn't want to use the cupcake stand from last year. I wanted to try something different. I started looking for little cake stands. But again everything was out of my budget. I went to the Dollar Tree and got these cute glass plates and candlestick holders and some 9001 super glue at Joannes and made two very simple and inexpensive cake stands. VOILA!


From the beginning I knew I needed some kind of games. At least a couple right? It was a circus party. So I started collecting cans from dinner to make this cute bean bag toss game.
I got wrapping paper in the color scheme of the party from the dollar tree. I measured one of the labels on the wrapping paper to be an exact match. Then I just used scotch tape. One game down!

    I like using labels or signs throughout the party. It just adds a cute personal touch. I lucked out and found these little chalkboard stickers in the dollar bin at Michael's. It came with a set of 6 stickers and some chalk. They went along perfectly with the vintage theme! I got the black and gold 4x6 frames at the dollar tree and used some of my polka dot scrapbook party that I already had. Those were one of my favorite things of the party and the little gold elephants.

Anyone thankful for Pinterest?... I am!
I found this printable "pin the tail on the elephant" game.
All I had to do was save it to a flash drive and took it to Staples. 
I had them print an 18x14 size and it was only a couple of dollars. 
Then I taped it to a glittery gold trimmed poster board I got from Target. 
I also painted the elephant with gold metallic paint for fun.

It's always worth it to make things for these parties. It's fun and inexpensive. What types of things have you made for your parties? Leave a link in a comment I would love to see!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Vintage Circus Birthday Party

This last weekend we had Riley's 5th birthday party! I can't believe she is 5 years old already! She has such a big sassy personality and she's also the sweetest and funniest little
Girl. We love to be around her all the time  because she is so fun! 
I had been planning this theme since her 1st birthday was over. I knew 5 years was a big year and it should be a big party. After all she's a whole hand now. 
I knew when I was getting all the details ready that I wasn't a fan of the normal circus colors. Riley's signature color has always been purple! 
I like to use it in all her birthday parties. 
So of course making it hard on myself to find purple circus things we made our plans. We decided on vintage circus with black, white, purple and gold. 
I made a lot of the decorations, games etc {blog post coming soon} and she loved it. I think it came out really cute! 

Store bought items:
Dollar tree 
Oriental trading company
Tj maxx 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Family Love

While on vacation recently we got the chance to do family pictures. Finally! It had been over a year and as a photographer it's important to me that we capture our love and growth. I can't believe how big Riley is getting already and how fast the time flies by. I'm so glad that we have these photos to remember all of our special moments. I know pretty mushy right? That's what happens when you are a mom though! Family photos are so important for that very reason. I'm just glad they cooperate with my vision. But my little family are naturals in front of the camera though! Probably because I'm constantly taking their picture. We were so lucky to have our friend and fellow photographer Kristen take them. She has taken them for the last few years. Even though she is a wedding photographer now. She makes an exception! Thankfully!

I love editorial/fashion photography so I wanted to incorporate this time. I love planning our outfits and locations just like I would a styled shoot!
Here are just a few of my favorites. All photos taken by Kristen Booth Photography It was sooo hard to pick only a few too!.

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