Thursday, September 16, 2021

In love with Summer

 It's still warm here so I'm going to say that Fall has not officially started yet. I'm going to sneak in a few more summer outfits before I have to transition. 

I haven't even started decorating for Fall yet. 

When do you start putting those pumpkins out?

Last year I waited too long because I was so distracted. I'm trying to not be this year. I don't know what's got me overthinking decor lately. I'm being too indecisive. I just need to go with it. That's when my best creativity comes out. 

But you know I can't resist when Target Dollar spot puts out those cute pumpkins. I probably have way too many at this point. 

But we are going to go with it. Put pumpkins EVERYWHERE!

So here's to those last few summer outfits you want to wear a few times before Sweater Weather is here to stay. 







Thursday, September 9, 2021

Greece: Athens {Part 1}

 I'm going to be doing a ton of Greece posts in the next days or weeks. I want to make sure I get all the details for our amazing trip. I know I never finished the Scotland trip. I've had a lot of computer issues. Mainly because I have too many pictures. Then I run out of time before the next blog-worthy event happens. Then I looked down at the Calendar and it's already almost the end of the year. This has been the least amount of blogging I've ever done since I started. 

I thought I was doing good and staying on top of it but I guess not. So here it goes!





 We arrived early afternoon to Athens. We had an overnight flight which was a good flight. We had comfortable seats, good food. Plenty of content to watch on the plane. Headphones, blankets, eye masks etc. were provided to us. It had been so long since we had done an international flight I had forgotten some of the perks. I think the ben and jerrys ice cream was a nice touch. That was fairly new. 

Downside. Obviously the face masks. I opted for the disposable ones for the flight because it was the most breathable one. But still really hard to sleep with. In fact I don't think I slept at all. When we landed we ended having to take a bus into the terminal. After that easy peasy. Got all our bags, exchanged a little bit of money and we headed out to meet our driver. One of the lovely perks of planning a trip with our lovely travel agent. 

As we drove to our hotel I realized more and more that it looked like Southern California. I had to keep telling myself "You did not land in Ontario, California. You are in Athens Greece".  Since it looked pretty familiar I totally fell asleep on the ride over. We checked in early to our hotel. Second perk our travel agent requested our room be ready early. Which it was and I was so thankful. I was able to sleep in a bed without a mask. Leaving us plenty of time to get rest and showered before our evening tour of the Acropolis and Parthenon. 

We stayed at the Athens Gate Hotel. Gorgeous hotel with friendly staff. Not to mention the amazing view from the Restaurant on the roof. Some of the rooms had the view but we opted for the more affordable one. You can still see the view with dinner reservations or just having a drink in the evening. Of course the complimentary breakfast in the morning has the same view. Great food too! 


The location was so convenient as well. Across from the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrians Arch, and the little street that leads to the Parthenon and Acropolis filled with gift shops, restaurants, etc. It was also a spot for the Hop on Hop off Tour Buses. Which is one of my favorite ways to travel a new city. 
We met up with our tour which is a must in Athens. I definitely recommend doing it in the evening especially if you get in that day. It's a great way to walk around and it's not too hot or crowded like in the morning or afternoon. 

After our tour we got Gyros and ice cream and a drink at the rooftop bar of our hotel. 

I could eat Gyros every single day. I also love how they showcase their ice cream in Greece. They look so fancy and delicious. I'm not a huge adventurous eater so I'm glad Greek food isn't that scary. 

There are other cool tours to do in Athens. Walking tours, Food tours, Cooking tours. I didn't get a chance to do these but it would've been fun.





Monday, September 6, 2021

Home Decor

 Now that I am over my jet lag I feel like I can get my act together on this blogging life. 

The kids started back to school the day after we got home. Remind me to not plan a trip like that again. Yes! The kids are back to full in person school. Last year we had some back and forth that was really tough. But we are finally back into a somewhat normal routine. I am officially living that sahm life where I can get some cleaning, alone time,  and some TV watching done. 

I can focus on some decorating projects. I have been so focused on what I should do or not do that I wasn't actually following through with my ideas. So I decided to just do them and sit with them. I can always change things up later. This last week I had one of those very moments. My friend was in town for the day and we talked about another idea I had for my office/studio. She thought it might be pointless because we are moving again. (Maybe soon, maybe not) But I really wanted to just move in and finish projects. The next day I was just needed to do something creative. 

A little back story. It was the anniversary of my Dad passing away suddenly. I always never know how to feel exactly. I felt moody, numb, sad, not sad. It's always a guessing game to be honest. I needed a good distraction. Since the kids were at school and I had the house all to myself I got to work. 

Originally I wanted to print out sheet music to my own songs to put them all over the wall. Then I found this little book of sheet music from old hymns in some of my dads old stuff. I decided I would use those instead because it is what I had on hand. I figured I would pick ones out but as I sat there looking through all of the titles I realized a new/better idea was born. The names of these hymns were so encouraging. "Jesus heals a broken heart", "God answers prayer", "My Redeemer", etc. I felt like I was taping up the full armor of God onto my wall. I got emotional. It turned into something that it was meant to be. I love when that happens. I am thankful to be able to notice when it does.

Floral: Michaels, Sheet music: Family, Mirror: Five Below


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Checking things off my bucket list


Well, the plan worked! I planned just enough stuff to keep us busy this summer that we made it through without the hubby. It was only a couple of months but still a good amount of time. Especially without the routine of a school. Now I feel like our summer is officially beginning. The whole family is back together again and we are getting ready for our big trip of the summer. We are celebrating our 15th Wedding anniversary. That's even crazy to say. I have no idea how 15 years have come and gone already. You always think those sayings are dumb and cliche. But "Time flies by"! It really does. 

We are crossing two things off our bucket list with this trip. ::Drumroll Please:::::



We are headed to Greece!! 

We are doing a Mediterranean Cruise. We've never been on a cruise before. Two main reasons I've never been on a cruise. 1: TITANIC! Enough said right? The other one is the movie The Poseidon adventure. Where a huge tidal wave comes and flips the ship upside down. Terrifying !! So terrifying they needed to make a reboot. One of those movies was enough for me. Also, please tell me why as soon as I book the cruise. The Poseidon adventure (new one) is advertised on my TV. 

Those were my childhood fears that kept me from going on a cruise. Now my grown up fear is my claustrophobia. Which has thankfully gotten worse as I get older. That's a real problem if you book a room that has NO WINDOWS. They even have rooms with the tiniest, smallest window known to man. 

I'm grateful, thankful, ecstatic to have book a room with a balcony. I still don't plan on staying in the room very much but a balcony helps. We will be stopping in Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes, and Mykonos. It makes me want to watch My big fat greek wedding again and Sisterhood of the traveling pants.
Clearly my life/memories revolve around Movies. 

Know of any movies that take place in Greece? Let me know in the comments below.

I'll be busy planning all my outfits. Finding all the fun traveling amazon finds. Watching all the Youtube videos on Greece and cruises. 

Anyone else do that?

Just me.... ::shrugs:: okay.



Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Stronger than a 90's trend


You ever wonder when they will be done with this 90's trend. I don't hate it! It's make me very nostalgic. I watched "The Last Blockbuster" on Netflix. The "KID 90"  and "The Orange years: The Nickelodeon story" Documentaries on Hulu. It's fun to think about how simple things used to be. No Social Media, no pressure to be perfect all the time. We could go outside and play for hours without watching TV. We used our imagination. Going to a Blockbuster was a special thing. I loved spending time picking out all the fun movies. I think that's why I'm such a big TV/Movie junkie. I miss all the fun Nickelodeon shows as well. 

What was your favorite thing from the 90's ?


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