Friday, April 5, 2013

{Fashion Friday } Boho Rocker

As you can see I did switch to having someone else take my photos for the blog! It definitely is a lot easier let me tell you. I had an awesome time shooting with my friend Jenny of Jenny Courtney Photography and this ended up being one of our fave outfits! I love the boho style with a little bit of edge. It was a supppperrr windy day. We literally froze our butts off, but we managed to get these done! I was seriously trying to warm up on the fur vest. It didn't work too well but at least I tried! Anything for Fashion. I wish I had funnier tales to share with you from our little adventures. We did have our kids playing inside together. Well more like baby sleeping and Riley watching him sleep. She ended up running to me and started bawling her eyes out. We could not understand a word she was saying. It took me a few minutes to decipher.

Riley: "I accidentally woke the baby up" {sob, sob, sob}

Us: "Awww it's ok baby don't worry."

Riley: {sobs even harder} "I sneezed and I woke him up."

Broke our hearts! :(

Vest, Headband: Wetseal, Dress, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses: Forever21


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