Thursday, August 29, 2013

{Fashion & Faith Thursday} Fall into Fashion

 I'm getting ready for Fall. The Temp has dropped significantly and all the stuff in the stores are changing. Next week little miss goes back to school. So I give up! It's time for a redirect and get my head out of summer and focus on the upcoming season. I do love Fall though, I love the rich colors and the pumpkins and the apples and the PIES! I love pie haha! This weekend is the one of the last weekends of summer fun so hopefully we can get a couple of adventures in before the cold weather officially starts. We recently did go on a fun little stay-cation, and explored some of New England! But there's still so much to see and we aren't here for much longer. {blog posts coming soon}

I love this color combo! At first I thought just go with combat boots or something but I snagged the lighter brown boots instead and magic happened. It just screams fall! I'm in love with this color and not just for Fall either. It's deep and rich and so romantic. Maybe, I just love red! And I love this top! It's at least 4 years old but as soon as I saw it online I wanted it, but they were out of my size. Luckily, I went back home to California soon after and they had one in the store and I snatched it up! It was a match made in heaven! :)
What is everyone's plans for Labor day weekend?

Photography by jenny courtney photography

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Leggings: Wetseal
Booties: DWDS

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Monday, August 26, 2013

{Music Monday} VMA 2013

After about 15-16 years of watching the VMA's I feel there are some realizations that I have come to.

First I honestly don't think anyone goes to the VMA's anymore. They have absolutely no one on the red carpet. The only ones even being photographed were a few of the nominees. Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, I don't really understand where everyone went?

Apparently Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are a hot pair because the cameras stay on them pretty much the entire time. At all award shows not just the VMAs. Probably because they are the ONLY ones enthusiastic about anything anymore. Either them or Rihanna and the Smiths {Will Smith's family} with their sour puss faces all night. Unimpressed by anything and everything. What's the deal folks? If you'll are too cool for everything now maybe you should stay home next time. Whip your hair back and forth or something..

I think we can all agree what was the best part of the night. Justin Timberlake performing a medley of all his hits and killing it on the dance floor. I don't know how he does looked extremely exhausting to me. Then of course Nsync popped out of the stage {Destiny's child style via superbowl} and I squealed.. a quiet like squeal because everyone was sleeping. I hope One Direction was taking notes because that's how it's done ladies and gentleman. None of that jumping around nonsense that is happening these days.

........and the worst part of the night was Miley Cyrus. Am I right? I mean Britney Spear's epic disaster with "Gimme More" is looking better and better now. I don't care for the song, and I don't like her copycat "PINK" hair. I think she's doing anything she can to get attention, to cover up her real issues. Why is it when the ladies in the industry want to break free of a squeaky clean image they always do it in the wrong way. Then after her performance she stripped down to her underwear and a foam finger and sang with Robin Thicke. Which was a bit uncomfortable but then she just stuck around. Like she didn't get the memo to exit stage left you know what I'm saying. Like an uninvited party guest... Yikes.. It was just a hot mess!

P.S I really hope that over-sized drunk looking teddy bears and sticking her tongue out isn't her new trademark. That would be disappointing.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Fashion & Faith Thursday} Boho Chic

Photography by Jenny Courtney Photography

I'm in love with this kimono, and floral basically. I think this style represents my attitude on life now. Stress free, effortless, relaxed kind of life. Enjoy the little things and the sweet moments. Life is too short to be busying yourself to the point where you can't even enjoy your life anymore. So here's to stress free living. 

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Kimono {Windsor}
Top {Wetseal}
Necklace {Forever21}
Shorts {TJMaxx}
Boots {Amazon}

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Monday, August 19, 2013

{DIY} Chevron Curtains

This project had been on my list of things to do for almost a year. It took me forever to find the right kind of curtains. I also spent months looking for the textile medium. I went from store, to store, to store and no one carried any. {Even though their website said they did...grrr} So it got put off again and I moved onto other things. I finally just gave up and ordered textile medium online, got the painters tape and a can of paint and attempted to measure it out. 
Everyone made it seem so simple and easy. Follow the measurements on their blog and you'll be ready to paint and have beautiful curtains. Wrong! This had to be the worst, most frustrating DIY project I've ever done. Even when I painted my desk. It was horrible and it took over my dining room for at least a week. We tried taping the first panel probably a dozen different times. Let the bickering begin! 

I used a few sites for instructions 

Things you'll need:

Cotton type curtains/ dropcloth


Painters tape {I used the skinny one after attempting to use the wider tape}

black paint {color of your choice, I used a quart}


Small paint roller

paint tray

Textile Medium { I used two bottles}




First off we didn't have the correct measuring tools. We had a sewing measuring tape. Then we tried to use a flat scrapbooking stencil and then finally got a yard stick.
 Once we finally figure our measurements. They didn't exactly measure up to the other ones on the blog. We made up on our own in the end. I ended up doing the other panels myself. Since I was doing 4 curtain panels it was more work. Luckily I was able to lay the other two on top and just trace the tape that way. It kept messing with our eyes too! Because it's an optical illusion it was driving us nuts. So we kept re-taping, because I am a perfectionist!

 Finally it was time to paint. We mixed the textile medium and the paint directly in the tray. {Should've bought a bigger tray}. It will look a bit runny and I guess that's normal. We stayed with the 1:2 ratio and I went to town on the painting. After all that taping I just wanted to be done with it already. I had to go over it a couple times to make sure the paint looked even. This part may seem easy too but again it is not! Think of how difficult and painful it can be to play twister. That's exactly how it feels. I'm still recovering it didn't a number on my poor little back. So heads up on that!

 Here they are opened and letting in the light. It was definitely worth it I think. Still less expensive then buying them online for 100-200 a panel. Which would've cost me $400-$800 just on curtains. While this project cost me probably less than $150. At least this way I can control the thickness on the stripes too!

My Dining room is almost complete and then I will do a little tour of it. It's coming along nicely. I'm so glad this DIY project is finally over!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

{Fashion Friday} Style Evolution: Oldies but goodies

Before I actually was able to have someone take my pictures for me. Before I had blonde, slightly ombre'd hair and before I even had a blog. I was taking pictures of my outfits with my cell phone just like everyone else...haha! My style is always changing, I'm very eclectic. There are many different aspects to my personality. Even back in high school. I went from trendy, to punk-ish with my side bangs and teased hair. I've been all over the map. I've done different shades of dark hair. Brown, brown with blondish high-lights, black, reddish brown, light brown and now to my blonde hair. I'm constantly getting rid of clothes that I just don't see myself wearing ever again. Bringing in new things that I can wear for years and grow into. I should kind of dress for my age right? Oh well ... It's been an interesting ride. Here are a few favorites!

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