Friday, September 18, 2020

Old Soul

 Fall is in the air. It's starting to cool down here. The snow isn't too far behind. I see some leaves start to accumulate on the ground. I'm starting to miss a New England Fall a little bit. Nothing beats New England in the Fall. The rich colors within the trees. The apple picking, and all the apple and pumpkin recipes. I got my favorite Fall/Winter Drink mix in the mail. I'm seriously contemplating bringing all my Fall decorations out and going to town! 

I must restrain myself. I have one more week until the kids go back to school in person. Then I think I shall take my sweet time and enjoy the creativity, the alone time. I'm finding joy in the slowdown. The blissful contentment in taking time to create something. UNINTERRUPTED.

I'm a firm believer in having Mommy breaks. A few hours, a couple days to yourself to make sure you are rested, filled up again. I thrive on it. I'm looking forward to some of that soon. 

Also excited to see what I come up with during that time. 

In the meantime. Let's get into Fall! 

What's your favorite Fall tradition?


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Falling or Flying {Remote Learning Update}



I had a moment. Literally just a moment to sneak in here and tell you how insane remote learning is. I'm basically going back to Kindergarten. I'm so thankful for the teachers and the schools for being so flexible, patient and understanding of how our kids are doing during this. We only are set to do it for the first month. I'm hoping and praying they do not extend it ..because... honestly. I'm dying! I'm not ashamed to say that this is the absolute worst. My kid is not the sit down and listen type. At least not in this setting. I literally have to sit next to him all day long to make sure he learns something from his teacher. 

Every day I'm just so thankful to survive the day. I know all the schools are doing things differently. How are you doing things? Are you in person learning? Strictly remote learning? How are you surviving?

On a side note when you are stuck at home doing remote learning you might as well be comfy and cute. These pants are by far my favorite. I have collected 3 different colors new and they are all perfect for fall. They are so versatile. Clearly, because you guys have seen them multiple times. Whats your favorite color to wear for fall?

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