Thursday, March 26, 2015

{Conversations with a six-year old}

Mommy: Riley I'm so upset I pumped 3oz of milk and then I didn't close the bag right and it spilled on the counter and I lost an ounce so now I only have 2oz of milk.

Riley: Does that mean you have to squeeze more?

Mommy: Haha Yes!

Riley: Siri I have a new baby brother!

Siri: I bet you say that to all your apple products.

Riley: What's apple problems?

Mommy: Make sure you sit on the floor with your cup....I mean juice box.

Riley: You said cup, it's a juice box....CRAZZZYY MAMA

{Clipping baby's nails}

Mommy: That's my worst nightmare {cutting their little fingers}

Riley: But it's not a nightmare this is real life.

Riley: Mommy in minutemen did they have TV's and electronics?

Mommy: No

Riley: Then what were they fighting for?

Mommy: What is that?

Riley: Stickers from the store.

{pulls out blank price tag stickers out of pocket}

Mommy: You took that many? What are you a trash collector?

Riley: Just curious.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CopyCat Tuesday {Pinterest Fashion}


I think it's been long enough since we had a fashion post right?
I've had some serious cabin fever lately, or mommy fever. Whatever you want to call it. When you are tired of wearing nursing tanks and leggings every single day. Where my hair is hardly ever done and my I don't even really remember my face with makeup on. How do you wear mascara again? Not to mention the massive amounts of layers and stuff I have whenever I go out is just downright claustrophobic! I don't know if you had heard. New England has broken some serious snow records this last month. It has kept me inside for quite some time now. So I was left with only one option. Move around some furniture and start taking some pictures inside. Unless you all wanted to see what kind of outfits I could make out of snow. Hmmmmmm interesting idea. I think I'll pass though!
Found this outfit on pinterest awhile back.  So, I thought I would get back into some fashion with using some pinspiration.

I also had a special guest who wanted to model with me.......maybe not. He is a natural though.


Riley's Frozen Tea party

So this year we did a frozen tea party for Riley's birthday. It ended up being a month late because of having a newborn and availability at the community center on base. It was originally planned as a low key tea party at home for a few friends. Riley just loves everybody so she wanted to invite all her friends. I had no choice we had to have an enormous "low key" tea party. 

As a party hostess I have a huge fear. One of my worst nightmares is hosting a party and guests show up before everything is set up. Then on top of that they ask to help. This huge fear of mine has not only happened once {Riley's 4th birthday party} but now twice. Maybe I should stop having parties outside of my house! Between the outrageous amount of snow we had been having. The house starting to leak. And having and extra member of the family that slows us down more. It happened again! I got to the community center 45 min before the party was supposed to start. And of course the guests showed up on time. I barely had the food table set up. Only had time for a snowflake garland and some table decor. I was mortified! To say the least. 
Despite all of my running around like a chicken without a head. Everyone had a great time. Riley even said it was her best party ever. 
Go figure!!

Moral of the story is. I'm not perfect but i sure can give some comic relief.
Anyone else have this fear?

Now on to the party details!

I wanted to stay true to the tea party theme. So we had mini foods. We made little tea sandwiches cut into snowflakes. Along with veggies, fruit, mini strawberry cheesecakes, brownie bites, and cookie dough dip with snacks to dip. 

We played pin the carrot on Olaf
Frozen bean bag toss, and Olaf sack race. Everything was a blur. It went by super fast. We had such a huge turnout I'm surprised I'm still standing. 
What a crazy day! 

Decorations: Dollar Tree and orientral trading company.
Party games: party city 

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