Friday, March 30, 2018

Fashion Friday {Good Friday}

I can't believe it's the last weekend of March already! I'm excited because it's another month down in this deployment. That also means two more months of school then its spring break! I'm half excited about that! Excited about being able to sleep in. Not excited because my kids are getting older and also now I have to occupy them. That feels like a lot of work. Can I get an Amen from my fellow stay-at-home moms!? We don't have major Easter plans church, egg hunts the usual!
Hope you have a great Easter Weekend!

Top and Duster: Ross Dress for Less, Jeans: PacSun, Hat: Forever21, Boots: RMC Boutique


Friday, March 23, 2018

Fashion Friday {Spring Equinox}

 Spring is here!!! I think Spring is my favorite season. Minus my seasonal allergies of course. I love the colors, I love the weather, I love the new beginnings outlook on life. I know I'm super cheesy! I also can't believe how quickly these weeks are going by. I barely have a moment to breathe. 
We are currently full swing into potty training Mr. C. If you know what that life is like you know that I have no life right now. We technically started last summer and he's been going back and forth with it. Now we are going for it which means we stay at home and barely go anywhere. When we do go out we are risking a lot with no pull-ups. This might be boring to hear but I'm sure someone out there can relate to this mom struggle. 
On the creative side I am putting in effort into redecorating my daughter's room. It's slowly coming together and I love getting back into these kind of projects. While I sit and impatiently wait for my music to be finished. I am literally the biggest impatient person you will ever meet probably. So this is torture for me. Torture I tell you!!
I need some ideas to pass the time. Leave them below in the comments!

Happy Friday !

Dress: RossDressforless, Hat: Forever21, Rings: Charlotte Russe, belt: Amazon, boots: belk


Friday, March 16, 2018

Fashion Friday

Anyone else feel personally victimized by daylight savings time this week? {Raises hand} It has definitely been a struggle for me ladies and gentleman. I thought I was doing so good with my jetlag when I came back from California then a week after that it's spring forward! I've been a hot mess! I cannot seem to wake up on time and neither can the kids. Today there was a staff holiday at school so we didn't have to get up early. But of course my kids decide to wake up early. It never fails!
Well, I hope you are managing through this difficult time. 
Have a great weekend. Hopefully I get some sleep.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Fashion Friday: {Army Wife Strong}

One month down of the husbands deployment. So far I've been taking care of business like a boss. First on the agenda drive myself and the kids to Alabama to visit family. To be honest only the second road trip by myself with the kids. I got it down to a T now! Lots of downloaded movies on ipad, lots of music, lots of snacks. 

Second on the agenda was go to California to have my dreams come true. Hence, me being missing in action for the last couple weeks. If you have been following my journey you would know it started almost two years ago. I went to Nashville for my friends for my birthday. I decided right then no more of this woe is me business. If I wanted to get anywhere I would have to take the first baby step. It was a baby step but it felt like a huge step for me. I started an instagram challenge when I got home. I would sing every day for a year and post it. Talk about it putting yourself out there. It was scary but so rewarding. It lead to change my approach in songwriting. I started really fine tuning my skills and finding my niche of music. It paid off because my next step was going to the Model and Talent Expo. Every one of my baby steps lead me to this place I'm in now. I met C-Ray and Marc of OnKey Entertainment and Indasoul Entertainment. I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with. They don't try and make me into something I'm not. They encourage and support my ideas and my talent. I can't wait to share my new music with everyone. Thank you guys for all the support and love you've given me thus far!

Have a great weekend!!  

P.S If this place looks familiar to you it's because it was used in the movie Big Fish

Top: Ross Dress for Less, Jeans: H&M, Boots: Belk, Hat: Forever21

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