Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Checking things off my bucket list


Well, the plan worked! I planned just enough stuff to keep us busy this summer that we made it through without the hubby. It was only a couple of months but still a good amount of time. Especially without the routine of a school. Now I feel like our summer is officially beginning. The whole family is back together again and we are getting ready for our big trip of the summer. We are celebrating our 15th Wedding anniversary. That's even crazy to say. I have no idea how 15 years have come and gone already. You always think those sayings are dumb and cliche. But "Time flies by"! It really does. 

We are crossing two things off our bucket list with this trip. ::Drumroll Please:::::



We are headed to Greece!! 

We are doing a Mediterranean Cruise. We've never been on a cruise before. Two main reasons I've never been on a cruise. 1: TITANIC! Enough said right? The other one is the movie The Poseidon adventure. Where a huge tidal wave comes and flips the ship upside down. Terrifying !! So terrifying they needed to make a reboot. One of those movies was enough for me. Also, please tell me why as soon as I book the cruise. The Poseidon adventure (new one) is advertised on my TV. 

Those were my childhood fears that kept me from going on a cruise. Now my grown up fear is my claustrophobia. Which has thankfully gotten worse as I get older. That's a real problem if you book a room that has NO WINDOWS. They even have rooms with the tiniest, smallest window known to man. 

I'm grateful, thankful, ecstatic to have book a room with a balcony. I still don't plan on staying in the room very much but a balcony helps. We will be stopping in Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes, and Mykonos. It makes me want to watch My big fat greek wedding again and Sisterhood of the traveling pants.
Clearly my life/memories revolve around Movies. 

Know of any movies that take place in Greece? Let me know in the comments below.

I'll be busy planning all my outfits. Finding all the fun traveling amazon finds. Watching all the Youtube videos on Greece and cruises. 

Anyone else do that?

Just me.... ::shrugs:: okay.


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