Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{Marital Musings} Laughter is the best medicine

The hubs and I can be pretty hilarious, at least in my opinion. We're constantly laughing at each other. Probably because I'm a huge dork and he's very witty. He always has his little "logical guy" opinions about things. Opinions about the shows that I watch, the things I like to do and the music I like to listen to. He's always got something to say.  So I started writing down our little quirky, quick-witted conversations while we are driving in the car. Because we are constantly in the car, mostly in traffic or taking long unintentional road trips.

FYI he's very opinionated on song lyrics I guess.

On Selena Gomez "Come and get it"

Evan: Really? She's like 18..what does she know about being in love?

Me: I was in love with you at 18 ;)

Evan: {Silence............}

On Christina Perri's "A thousand years"

Evan: Uh...no one lives for a thousand years

Me: It's from Breaking Dawn! So yes VAMPIRES live for a thousand years

Evan: But PEOPLE don't! So tell Sara this is a silly song to have for her wedding.

On Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack"

Evan: Does she say fart it out?

Me: No! Fall in love"

Evan: Fart it out!

Me: Evan, it's fall in love.

Evan: It's fart it out, I heard it! {Singing} "I don't want to fart it out."

On Jordin Sparks "Battlefield"

Evan: Love is not a battlefield

Me: Yeah it is

Evan: Do you lose limbs?

Me: You get your heart broken

Evan: Do you get shot at?

Me: Yeah, shot in the heart!

On Taylor Swift's "22"

Me: You a Taylor Swift fan?

Evan: Pretty much

Me: {nods}

Evan: I'm feeling 22 :)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

{Fashion & Faith Thursday} Bohemian Rock

It's been so long since I did a fashion post. It feels like forever at least. It's been somewhat busy around here. We shipped little miss off to her grandparents house for "Grandcamp" with all her cousins from California. Which left me and the hubs to be acting like newlyweds again with no kid around. I must say things go a lot faster when there's no kid around that's for sure. I get out of the house faster, I get ready faster. The house stays somewhat cleaner. But it's also a bit lonely while the hubs is at work. But we've been able to go on a few dates. We saw World War Z which wasn't too bad for another zombie movie. Then we saw The Heat! That movie was hilarious! Definitely a must see...everyone was laughing so hard in the theater that I couldn't even hear some of the jokes. 

.....On a side note why is it that summer is almost over and I am still so white! I'm ashamed to call myself a California girl.. or even Puerto Rican!! This matter will be remedied ASAP...

Cardigan: Local Boutique, Dress: Target, Necklace: Pacsun, Boots: Amazon

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{Things I'm loving} Thrifting and Upcycling

Being a stay at home can probably get boring sometimes. Then add a part time job that's not even part time {photographer}. There are days where I need something to do. I don't like being extremely busy either. I don't like stress. I don't like rushing through everything. I love freedom to enjoy life. Now that it's summer I've thrown myself into projects and thrifting. I've been feeling very inspired in this place and in this house. I'm an old soul and I've always loved vintage things and mixing them together. I just never thought I could do it. That I could accomplish my ideal style of home decor. I feel like I'm finally coming into my own. My house is almost taking a full 180.. maybe like a 120/130. It's full of mix-matched things, different colors and patterns, while still having a theme throughout the house.

So my latest obsession has been craigslisting, and thrifting. There is so much stuff on the east coast that is more my style so I'm taking advantage. I may be going overboard but it's hard to stop with just one thing. I don't want to buy the cheap furniture from Target, or Wal-mart. Every single piece has broken or fallen apart from all the moves. So I'm being smarter this time. I'd say the majority of the pieces in my downstairs is thrifted in one way or another. Once everything is done to my satisfaction I will post a tour.

My latest has been chairs. Accent, desk ...whatever. Buying these kinds of chairs brand new can be in $100's and that's just not in my budget. Even though it would be easier. Thrifting or upcycling it you have the freedom to design it however you want. In the past year I've been collecting them. I'm sure it's been annoying the hubs. But he doesn't see what I see, they are little treasures to me! They also have a dual purpose and I can use it for my Photography

I got this chair back in March or April and I haven't even started on it yet. I got it at the Salvation Army for $10 haven't decided on color or fabric yet. That's why I've been dragging my feet.

This chair I just got recently of of craigslist for $35 it's definitely going to be more of a challenge for me since the upholstery is all ripped up and it might need to be stuffed too. But I have a vision for this one and I'm absolutely in love! It's a gorgeous chair, and so photogenic! :)
What things are you loving these days?



Friday, July 12, 2013

{Family Day} Boston Childrens Museum

Ok.. I'm fired! Sometimes it takes me FOR-EVVER to upload pictures off of the camera (or phone for that matter) These weren't the best photos ever so that's probably why I didn't jump at the chance as soon as we came home.

Anyway, we had a spur of the moment family day back in March. I was tired of staying in from the ginormous amounts of snow {blizzard} we had been getting. I had cabin fever like you wouldn't believe! Who wouldn't with several feet of snow making you feel buried alive.  Most of it was finally melting so I told the family we were heading to Boston.
We ventured out and headed to the children's museum since we hadn't been yet. It was jam packed with so many other kids. I guess everyone else had the same idea. They had tons of stuff, bubble making, medical stuff, etc. I can't even remember all the stuff there was to look at. But Riley sure had a blast. I guess it pays off to be spontaneous!

Puppet Show!

Sorting food for the animals

Add caption

Going Camping

Riley flying the plane

This thing was displayed in the bathroom. If you were ever curious about animal poop. hmmmm

Out to eat afterwards

Riley lounging on daddy while watching sports


Thursday, July 11, 2013

{Fashion & Faith Thursday} Mint and polkadots

Vest: Wetseal.com, Dress: Forever21.com, Booties: discountwomensdressshoes.com
 This is one of my favorite dresses. I found it randomly at Forever21 one day and loved the boning on the top, and the sweetheart neckline. I was in love! I'm a little obsessed with chiffon lately. I love the way it flows, the way it looks, the way it feels. Most of all I love the way it photographs. It adds a little drama, a little theatrical flare to the whole outfit. It did just that too! We went up to Lowell, Ma to shoot this outfit because I loved those cobblestone/brick roads. I saved this dress specifically for it. There were so many looky-loo's it was kind of hilarious. I think they must've thought we were doing something important. Everyone was starring...like a LOT! One guy yelled out to us as he was walking out of a cafe. "Oh my gosh!" I wasn't sure who he was yelling at, after all it is Lowell. I've heard stories about weirdos that walk the streets. "Oh my gosh you look like a princess. You look excellent, I just had to say that." Then he just walked away. Jenny and I looked at each other and started laughing. We took more photos and then I saw an older guy walking along the sidewalk and he just kept starring. I was getting kinda creeped out and then he tripped on something. I guess he said "Oh I almost broke my neck." Jenny told me afterward, but we couldn't help but bust out laughing. We always have fun little adventures when we take these pictures.

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P.S Here is the shot of my reaction after the older guy tripped. 
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