Saturday, May 21, 2022


 I am now preparing for another chapter of our lives to start. Probably going to be the most difficult one.
I’m hoping and praying it won’t be. 

Being an Army wife is always a roller coaster ride. We never really know what’s next. Things can change at the drop of a hat. Everything is always temporary. There is more times apart usually then there are times together.

This time we made the decision but we are still nervous about it. Second guessing constantly if it was the smartest, and best decision we could’ve made.

The hubby will be heading down to Texas for Sgt Major Academy and we have decided to stay behind in Colorado and not go with him. This is just a school so it’s only for the school year (well basically year). I don’t know why the Army doesn’t treat it like a school where they just go and come back. But it was considered as a PCS move (permanent change of station). So we were required to move with him for just a year. That means change schools, move our whole house, change doctors etc. Then when the year was up move to an entirely new place all over again. You see the problem here. The kids are in school. Our daughter being in middle school that’s a huge deal for her because she’s at that age. She would have to change schools for 8th grade then move again and start high school all over again. It doesn’t seem ideal at all.
In Colorado we are settled we have a church home and church family. We have support and the kids have friends.

In my head I’m trying to think of it as a deployment but with perks because he can come visit during breaks. Hopefully on 4 day weekends as well. We will keep busy during the school year too. I have a busy workload. Hopefully the kids will be in some kind of activities and we will just take it a day at a time.

Then when it’s all done with. We will find out where we will be moving next and hopefully it will be our last move and we can get ready for retirement.

These are all the hopes but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Separation is never easy. I wish we didn’t have to choose this but it seemed the better option out of two really crappy options. Much like the presidential election (HA!) So here we are gearing up for another year apart.

Pray for us and our little family. 

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