Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Fourth of July weekend

We actually had to do fireworks a day early because of the big hurricane on the 4th. Family came to visit just in time. We had a blast watching the fireworks in Lexington. It was bittersweet because it will be our last 4th of July in Massachusetts. We've had some good memories here as a family. 

As you can see Riley went a little crazy when her papa bought her an ice cream. You'd think the kid was deprived her whole life. She was even giving this evil laugh like I'm a cartoon. She might have the same addiction that has affected her daddy his whole life. An addiction to ice cream! 
The fireworks were a blast. My youngest niece and I were pretending to be in control of them with our magic powers. Had me laughing so hard! 
Stay tuned for more of our crazy weekend ! 


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