Friday, August 16, 2013

{Fashion Friday} Style Evolution: Oldies but goodies

Before I actually was able to have someone take my pictures for me. Before I had blonde, slightly ombre'd hair and before I even had a blog. I was taking pictures of my outfits with my cell phone just like everyone else...haha! My style is always changing, I'm very eclectic. There are many different aspects to my personality. Even back in high school. I went from trendy, to punk-ish with my side bangs and teased hair. I've been all over the map. I've done different shades of dark hair. Brown, brown with blondish high-lights, black, reddish brown, light brown and now to my blonde hair. I'm constantly getting rid of clothes that I just don't see myself wearing ever again. Bringing in new things that I can wear for years and grow into. I should kind of dress for my age right? Oh well ... It's been an interesting ride. Here are a few favorites!



  1. I love looking at old pictures of my outfits too. You look absolutely adorable!! You can definitely rock bangs too.

    1. Aww thank you Monica! :) It's strange to see the dark again and the bangs. Maybe someday they will come back. :)


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