Thursday, August 1, 2013

{Fashion & Faith Thursday} Leather & Lace

How is it that it's August 1st already! Everywhere I look it's all about Fall and back to school stuff already. Where did the summer go? I'm not ready for snow again! :(  I'm not ready to start thinking ahead to fall trends and what not. I haven't even worn shorts nearly enough yet this summer. I was just looking through my closet and I realized. When we first got married and got stationed in Kentucky I was not prepared for the cold and snow wardrobe wise. All I had was light sweaters, shorts, short sleeve shirts. Fast forward to seven years later and now 95% of my wardrobe consists of cold weather items. I have a million long sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets, leggings and jeans. Not to mention it's all about boots now and not sandals. What's happened to this California girl!? Hopefully our next duty station will be a bit milder with the cold weather. So I can somewhat get back to my roots. 

I love this leather jacket! I'm a huge thrifter but not when it comes to clothes. I don't know I just never liked doing it. Maybe it was all those years of having hand me down clothes growing up. That turned me off to the whole wearing someone else's clothes thing. I'd rather thrift for furniture, or home decor. But I made an exception this one time when I saw this jacket in a Plato's closet in Colorado. I was obsessed with leather jackets at the time. I mean who isn't!? It instantly gives your outfit a bit of edge. Even something as pretty as a little lace dress like this one. Leather and lace is always a fun combo! What's your favorite combinations?
Jacket: Hollister, Dress: Forever21, Booties: Amazon

Fashion & Faith
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  1. Work it girl!! Love it ;)

  2. Leather and lace is perfect! We love to post about these dresses and beautiful scenary as well which you will love.

    xx, The Golden Girls


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