Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{Anniversary Series}Part 2: This guy is starting to grow on me

Our first picture together at In-N-Out

After a tiring night of chasing boys and cars and what not I had to sleep in. In fact I was always sleeping in so that's beside the point. I was sleeping soundly and comfortably until I got abruptly woken up by my phone ringing. If you know me, you know you DO NOT WAKE ME UP! Unless there is a fire or a dire emergency. Don't wake me up unless you want to get killed.
Turns out that when Evan stole my car he had left his IN-N-OUT coupons inside accidentally. He didn't even call me, he had his friend call me to tell me. They wanted to come over and get them. I laughed so hard! I was thinking to myself too bad they are mine now! They begged and pleaded so I started to feel bad. So they came over to get them. I stuffed my feet into my ugg boots {still in my pajamas} and went to open the door for them. But it wasn't Evan it was two of our friends. He was being a coward in the car. I shoved passed them and got the coupons out of my car.

"What is he too scared to get them himself?" I yelled towards the car.

If he thought I was feisty the night before he hadn't seen anything yet. They took the coupons and  thanked me profusely and got back in the car and I went back to bed.

.....The next day was his birthday so I figured payback was in order. So I called him early and woke him up. He didn't seem to complain. {I obviously didn't think that one through}
That night we all met up, with nothing to do on his birthday. I told them they could all come over to my house. We all ended up playing hide and seek in the dark and sat around swapping funny stories. After that I shortly realized that this kid was growing on me and I might be starting to develop a tiny crush. I had a a couple days to realize it when he invited me over to his New Years Eve Party. I wanted to swear off boys for 2005. In the last couple years I had major drama in the boyfriend department so I said no more. So just one last new years eve kiss and I should be good to go. So I thought........I told Evan he was the only option so he better give it up. But he didn't give me an answer the whole night.

They didn't have sparkling cider or cookie dough! Which is a must for me for any party. So my friend Sara, Reese and Evan all went to the store to get some before midnight. Before getting back they decided they needed to TP one of their teachers house. All three of them got out and I just sat in the car waiting. Evan comes back and opens the door.

"Aren't you coming?"

"No! I've never done this before."

"Well come on!"

He grabbed my hand and gave me a roll of toilet paper. I had no idea what to do so I just stood there and threw the roll up over my head. I laughed at my own stupidity. Someone triggered the motion sensor light so they all freaked and ran. We started to drive away without Evan so I kept the door open for him as he ran to catch up with the car. He jumped in all out of breath and I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. We drove back to his house just in time for the ball to drop and he finally gave the ok and he was my new years kiss. Unfortunate for my New Years Resolution because at that point I was hooked.

New Years Day I wasn't sure where we stood after the night before. We met up at someones house then all went to IN-N-OUT. I was called back home in the middle of hanging out and had to quickly say goodbye to him he was leaving the next day to go back to boot camp. I left my number with his friend not knowing what would come of it.

Come back tomorrow to read more of our story.


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