Sunday, August 11, 2013

{Anniversary Series} Part 5: Engaged

Since we the topic of getting married had been on the table from the beginning. It's hard to say when exactly we got engaged.
After Evan was done with his "Reintegration" my parents were gracious enough to drive me out to Colorado to get him. This time in the car though, and of course we broke down on the way. Talk about frustrating. It's always when you are in a rush something like that happens. When we finally made it there, we picked up Evan and stayed at a friends house. {Side note: They actually lived not too far from where we lived just last year. Funny how things work out like that!} And of course Evan had to break their shower in such "meet the parents" fashion. We still laugh about that it was pretty funny. Water was shooting everywhere and he looked so sad and pathetic trying to stop it with his shirt. I had to cover my mouth to hold in the laughter!

We planned to go out to dinner to On the Border since we all love Mexican food so much. We were having fun, cracking jokes of course. Evan kind of nudged me and made me excuse myself to the bathroom so he could ask them permission to marry me. It wasn't very nonchalant either. We all knew it was coming so it was a bit awkward. Luckily they said yes, I mean Evan is a pretty nice guy and they love him so it worked out great!

Calling our good friend George to see if he will marry Evan and I

When we got home we looked at rings and everything was really expensive. The one that I wanted was like 20,000 or something and it was just the engagement ring! Yikes! Thankfully my Aunt suggested a family friend who made rings and would give us a good deal. He even went to that jewelry store scoped out my favorite ring so he could make it very similar. So during that time we were already having rings made, talking about dates and locations. And there was still no actual proposal yet. Evan was going to be leaving soon too to go back to Colorado.

We had one last date night before he had to drive home {in his brand new truck :) }  We went down to Ontario, Ca to the Old Spaghetti factory and had a romantic dinner. Then headed over to Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga to see a movie {of course}. We saw Lucky number slevin, very romantic! We were headed back to the car and I was rambling off about stuff, not even hearing or paying attention to Evan. He practically yelled in my face to get me to look at him by the time we reached the car.

Evan: I'm trying to propose! {he pulled the little box out of his pocket and held it out to me}
Me: OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!! {running around like a crazy person}
Evan: {laughing hysterically} Ashley, I love you will you marry me! {or something like that}
Me: YES!

Even though we were already planning everything and I knew it was coming. There's still nothing like it when a boy gets on one knee and pulls a little ring box out of his pocket and asks you to spend the rest of his life with him. {In a mall parking lot, haha} We came back and showed off the ring to our families. Let the wedding planning begin! {or continue :/ }

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Oh and here is Evan and his "new truck" he bought after his first deployment


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