Monday, August 26, 2013

{Music Monday} VMA 2013

After about 15-16 years of watching the VMA's I feel there are some realizations that I have come to.

First I honestly don't think anyone goes to the VMA's anymore. They have absolutely no one on the red carpet. The only ones even being photographed were a few of the nominees. Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, I don't really understand where everyone went?

Apparently Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are a hot pair because the cameras stay on them pretty much the entire time. At all award shows not just the VMAs. Probably because they are the ONLY ones enthusiastic about anything anymore. Either them or Rihanna and the Smiths {Will Smith's family} with their sour puss faces all night. Unimpressed by anything and everything. What's the deal folks? If you'll are too cool for everything now maybe you should stay home next time. Whip your hair back and forth or something..

I think we can all agree what was the best part of the night. Justin Timberlake performing a medley of all his hits and killing it on the dance floor. I don't know how he does looked extremely exhausting to me. Then of course Nsync popped out of the stage {Destiny's child style via superbowl} and I squealed.. a quiet like squeal because everyone was sleeping. I hope One Direction was taking notes because that's how it's done ladies and gentleman. None of that jumping around nonsense that is happening these days.

........and the worst part of the night was Miley Cyrus. Am I right? I mean Britney Spear's epic disaster with "Gimme More" is looking better and better now. I don't care for the song, and I don't like her copycat "PINK" hair. I think she's doing anything she can to get attention, to cover up her real issues. Why is it when the ladies in the industry want to break free of a squeaky clean image they always do it in the wrong way. Then after her performance she stripped down to her underwear and a foam finger and sang with Robin Thicke. Which was a bit uncomfortable but then she just stuck around. Like she didn't get the memo to exit stage left you know what I'm saying. Like an uninvited party guest... Yikes.. It was just a hot mess!

P.S I really hope that over-sized drunk looking teddy bears and sticking her tongue out isn't her new trademark. That would be disappointing.



  1. I was so excited when Gaga made her comeback!!! I'm a big Gaga fan and I was on the side lines rootin for her this whole time haha. She's got vocals on her!


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