Saturday, August 10, 2013

{Anniversary Series} Part 4: Together Again

During deployment we had a short breakup. No relationship is perfect and we weren't/aren't perfect.

On his end he wanted to make sure he was ready to get married. Since we had been talking about it and planning it from the beginning. Which was pretty mature of him, I guess. But it was pretty rough for me. Luckily, it didn't last very long. It was probably about 2-3 months. I still remember the moment we got back together. I was getting my hair done at the salon and he called. When he called during deployment I answered no matter where I was or what I was doing. I always wanted to be available for him. After all he was fighting a war in another country. The least I could do was give him that small distraction every once in awhile. He asked me if I would be his girlfriend again and I had never been so excited!

A month later {Feb 2006} it was time for him to come back and he had arranged it for me to drive to Colorado with his family. So we could be there for his welcome home ceremony. It was a long drive with a lot of people that I didn't really know. His family is pretty easy going so we had a lot of laughs. 
When the day came for us to go down to the Army base to wait I was so anxious and nervous. We hadn't had much time actually together, in person. It was pretty much an online courtship. I wasn't sure how to act especially since we just got back together too. We sat there in the bleachers with all the other families with their signs and hand-made posters that read "welcome home" the anticipation was killing me!

They finally opened the doors and the soldiers marched in. Words cannot describe the emotions in that auditorium. You could hear all the sighs of relief. Deployment was finally over, our loved ones were home again safe and sound. I don't even remember the things that were said I was just trying to find Evan in the sea of soldiers that took up half of the room. I scanned and scanned and before I knew it they were released and it was utter chaos. He had found me first because I saw him running toward me and then I took off running towards him. He picked me up in his arms and kissed me and all the awkwardness was gone. Our moment was short lived though since his whole family was there to see him too. I had to share him ... Boo I don't like sharing my man! Haha.
We spent a blissful few days together with his family. But we had to separate yet again because he had to "Reintegrate" before he could take his leave {vacation} and come home. Thankfully this time it would only be a few weeks til we were together again.

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