Monday, August 12, 2013

{Anniversary Series} Wedding Day

After 6 short months of planning, the day finally arrived. August 12th our wedding day. I was what you would call "STRESSED". Who wouldn't be nervous on their wedding day. I'm a perfectionist and I wanted every single detail to be perfect. It didn't help that the only available time they had for us was 10:00am. No time to relax and get ready. It was rush, rush, rush.

We got married at the most amazing place. The Mission Inn in Riverside, California. I found it in a magazine and fell in love. Being from the desert in California there was not a lot of ideal places to get married. Thankfully this place was available and my parents made it happen. It was a dream come true. Once we were all ready they set my bridesmaids and flower girls ahead of me. They swept me away to a side pathway surrounded by vines and the right amount of sunlight streaming through. That's when they sent my Dad in to get me. The first time he saw his little girl in her wedding dress, and the first time I saw him before the ceremony was such a special moment. I was trying really hard to not cry, but it was an emotional moment. They led us to the giant doors and it felt like forever before they opened it. I was told everyone else felt the same way too. I don't know why the coordinators kept me out for so long. Evan seemed a bit nervous that I took off or something.

They opened the doors and I made my dramatic entrance. As Lifehouse's "Everything" played loud overhead. I kept my eyes locked on Evan who was looking handsome in his Army dress greens. My dad gave me away, and Evans dad gave us a blessing, and our friend George married us. We fumbled through our vows of course. Which was so us! That's really hard by the way, trying to remember all those words and repeat them back in front of all those people. We made everyone laugh at least. But it was perfect, right down to our first kiss as husband and wife.

Reception was at the Doubletree hotel in Ontario, California. Our first dance was "I'll be seeing you" since The Notebook was one of the first romantic movies we watched together. Also the inspiration for our wedding and keeping with the 1940's theme. They had a slideshow of pictures of us growing up and us together. I sang Celine Dion "Because you loved me" the first song I ever sang to him {over the phone of course}.

It was a magical day and the best part was I got to marry the man of my dreams. I couldn't have asked for a better man to marry, and spend the rest of my life with.

Wedding Details:
Colors: Black and Red
Theme: 1940's theme
Cake: Buttercream, marble 
First Dance: I'll be seeing you

Happy 7 years baby! Love you!



  1. those are the two venues i want for my wedding

    1. They are awesome venues Victoria! I highly recommend :) Good luck with your upcoming wedding !


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