Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{Anniversary Series} Part 1: How we met

My First car a 2000 Red Chevy Cavalier {with a missing hubcap}

A nice goofy picture of me and my car when I first bought it! I was a bit scrawny I guess haha

I never understood, the concept of the 7 year itch. Obviously it doesn't apply to us, I feel no itching to get out haha! We've officially been married for 7 years and have been together for almost 9 years. We've even discussed the silliness of the "7 year itch". I look at him and say "Yeah I'm good! Are you good?" He looks at me for a minute and says "Yep". I guess we are pretty easy like that. For those of you who don't know the story of our beginning. I thought I would share this week leading up to the actual day.

We originally met in the summer of 2004 {sounds like a song}. I went with my friend Sara to watch her "guy" friends play hockey in a parking lot. I was semi-interested in another boy at the time and had him meet us there. So I wasn't exactly paying attention to the game I was talking. That's me the social butterfly and since I don't like sports it was really boring anyway. The hubs and I didn't even really talk much that night. Except for when I told him he looked just like Ricky Schroder.
 Then throughout the summer Sara and I hung out with the guys a lot but he still wasn't around much then he went off to basic training. I heard things about him, how the guys couldn't wait for him to be back etc. Again though I didn't really pay too much attention.
When he finally came back in December for Christmas that's when we all got together at a friends house. All the guys "thought" I liked Evan's other friend and tried to set it up for us to hang out and whatever. I didn't though, now I was intrigued by this boy fresh out of boot camp. He was really funny. I think that's what drew me to him. He made me laugh a lot. We joked around through the night. He came up with weird nicknames for me, chased me with licorice. You know the usual.


My cousin came over and brought to my attention that my car wasn't out front. Yeah! My future husband and father of my children STOLE MY CAR..right under my nose too. What a little thief right? He got my keys out of my purse and he and his friend just went and hid it from me. I don't know maybe went on a little joy ride. I've never been one for practical jokes. Especially the ones played on me.  They escaped to one of the rooms and tried to hide from me, because now at this point I was fuming. I grabbed Evan by the shirt and pushed him against the wall and demanded he bring my car back. They took off again and I had to chase them. Trash talking him as we ran. "Really? You, who just got back from boot camp running away from a girl!" They got away and then called my cell phone and preceded to play "hot and cold" with me. I finally gave up and left them hiding in the bushes or wherever they were. Or at least I pretended, I knew they would lose interest eventually. And my car would present itself.

................ When they finally came back with my car they had written all over it. "Evan and Reese are the coolest" or something like that. "Wash me" "4 Sale" . I was beyond annoyed with this kid. "Liking" this guy was the furthest thing from my mind.

Make sure you come back to read more of our story tomorrow!

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