Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{Marital Musings} Laughter is the best medicine

The hubs and I can be pretty hilarious, at least in my opinion. We're constantly laughing at each other. Probably because I'm a huge dork and he's very witty. He always has his little "logical guy" opinions about things. Opinions about the shows that I watch, the things I like to do and the music I like to listen to. He's always got something to say.  So I started writing down our little quirky, quick-witted conversations while we are driving in the car. Because we are constantly in the car, mostly in traffic or taking long unintentional road trips.

FYI he's very opinionated on song lyrics I guess.

On Selena Gomez "Come and get it"

Evan: Really? She's like 18..what does she know about being in love?

Me: I was in love with you at 18 ;)

Evan: {Silence............}

On Christina Perri's "A thousand years"

Evan: Uh...no one lives for a thousand years

Me: It's from Breaking Dawn! So yes VAMPIRES live for a thousand years

Evan: But PEOPLE don't! So tell Sara this is a silly song to have for her wedding.

On Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack"

Evan: Does she say fart it out?

Me: No! Fall in love"

Evan: Fart it out!

Me: Evan, it's fall in love.

Evan: It's fart it out, I heard it! {Singing} "I don't want to fart it out."

On Jordin Sparks "Battlefield"

Evan: Love is not a battlefield

Me: Yeah it is

Evan: Do you lose limbs?

Me: You get your heart broken

Evan: Do you get shot at?

Me: Yeah, shot in the heart!

On Taylor Swift's "22"

Me: You a Taylor Swift fan?

Evan: Pretty much

Me: {nods}

Evan: I'm feeling 22 :)



  1. haha omg these are great. I kind of feel the same about many of those lyrics though

    1. Thanks! I sit there and re-read them for a good laugh!

  2. That was pretty funny. You two are sweet together.


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