Thursday, November 8, 2012

{awkward and awesome thursday} ...or just a plain old thursday

Nothing really exciting has happened today or this week very much. I finally got a better fitting denim jacket and some scarves...thank you WetSeal. However, that may not interest most of you, if not all. Miss Riley and I had a fun time at the store. She's really getting into taking pictures lately. I am constantly finding weird and random pictures in my phone that she has taken. We tried on ear muffs, scarves, beanies. She wanted me to hold up all the clothes she liked to take pictures of. She cracks me up! It's officially cold now! It's been in the 30's - 40's brrr and we finally got some snow. I am not a fan of the cold or snow anymore. A couple years living in Colorado will do that to you. So far it's better than the humid summers out here though. I am grateful for that! Happy Thursday!


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