Friday, November 2, 2012

{Fashion Friday}....and I'm back!

We said goodbye to our first friend that we met today. She had graciously took most of my pictures for Fashion Friday. We are sad :( luckily we are from the same town so hopefully we will see each other again soon. The kids were sad too, and that always makes it more sad when you see the kids cry. 
It's November now and time is going to be going by so fast with the holidays in a domino effect. Before you know it we will be here for a year already! It's time to make an East Coast Bucket list, before it's time to leave.

{1} New years in times square
{2} Ice skate in central park
{3}Consume all authentic Italian food I can get my hands on
{4} Bed and Breakfast in Vermont or Connecticut
{5}Historical sites in Mass, like Salem etc.
{6} Cruise or boat ride
{7} Broadway show 
{8} Disneyworld, Universal studios
{9} Visit little towns with little shops
{10} .....hmmmm thinking. Any ideas???



  1. those leggings are rreally cute!
    and def love the east coast, but devastated by what's happening there right now :(

  2. I just discovered your blog thanks to Chictopia and I really love it! Love your style:) Following you on GFC! It will be great if you can check my blog:)



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