Monday, November 19, 2012

{Music Monday}... a quick check in

Technology is pretty awesome. The things we can do on our own these days without relying on other people is fantastic. I've been able to work on some melodies for the past couple weeks. Then I record them into my phone and quickly email them to my music guy! (Mike in previous video) He gets them and starts working on them from his house since we can't get together in person. Then when he's done he can email them to me pending my approval. Since we can't get together in person at the moment. I was so discouraged last blog post. However, things are starting to look up now. I also pulled out my guitar which I've had since I was sixteen and still don't know how to play. It's sad I know ten years and it just sits there, such a shame! That is next on my bucket list believe!! So the only chords I know how to play and I don't even know which ones they are. I just started messing around with it and then opened up my garageband on my computer and recorded it so I wouldn't forget ( of course!) Randomly added a quick verse and VOILA! It's magic! I'm really starting to have more confidence in my minor skills. Even playing it for the husband and the parents over skype. (Another wonderful technological invention.) Now to email that over to Mike and we got the beginnings of at least 3-4 songs besides the few that we already have!

The demo I have been trying to get done over the past year has been for this one producer. Who is a friend of a friend who's friends with my parents. The opportunity just dropped in my lap without me looking for it. It only came up because my dad was bragging about me singing on a mission trip over lunch. Now this producer guy has been hired at the place my dad works for so he's even easier to get to. That's pretty awesome too! I'm not sure where this might lead, but I'm totally up for it!

Voice lessons have been hard still. I can't wait to start longer lessons, than those 30-min lessons I've been doing. The song we've been working on is "Stars" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Who I am absolutely in love with right now. I'm totally planning on going to see their show for my birthday.
I was hoping to upload a video of me singing it, but it's not ready yet so hopefully next week. My coach says I need to work on being too loud or I will damage my voice. HA! I've just learn to come out of my shell and be loud and what not. Now I gotta rein it back in? Good luck Ashley .. good luck. I need to be louder in my head voice then in my chest voice. Otherwise my voice won't last, maybe for a few years but will be done for in the long run. So word of advice to any young singers out there or older whichever. Take care of your voice, or it will be gone for good. Also I highly recommend to get into voice lessons while you are younger because it is really hard to get rid of your bad habits.

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