Thursday, November 22, 2012

{ Happy Thanksgiving }

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are all filling those bellies with some yummy food! As I am busy making my pies (one chocolate, one pumpkin of course) I decided I would still give you a bit of awkward and awesome to enjoy with your meal!

A little Celebrity version of "awkward and awesome"  did anyone catch the American music awards on Sunday? Did anyone catch that awkward moment of Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj
grinding during "Beauty and the Beat".....He may be 18 now but he still has a little kids body and that was just way to awkward.

So now that Breaking Dawn part 2 is now out and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are supposedly back together. I thought I would comment on the awkwardness of Kristen Stewart, Ruper Sanders and his wife Liberty Ross. They look almost like twins in these blue dresses. Right? Did Rupert really have a fling with a woman that looks exactly like his wife?

 Then there is this awkward photo from the premiere of Snow white and the huntsman. Why are they dressed in exactly the same outfit? Just bizarre this whole situation.

For the awesome here are {10} things I am thankful for!

1} I am thankful for my amazing husband. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile. He's an amazing father. He's my support system, my best friend. He's literally my everything and I am so thankful he came into my life!

{2} I am thankful for my baby girl Riley. After losing my first child I was scared to have another baby. I wondered if I would be able to love her the same. If I was capable of being a good mother to her while I still grieved. I was amazed at how my heart grew as soon as I held her in my arms and has gotten bigger through every single day with her. She is so precious to me and I cherish her and every moment I have with her. I am thankful that God saw fit to bless me with such an amazing, sweet, beautiful child.

{3} I am thankful for my parents! Over the years they have become more like friends to me. That I can talk to, confide in, and have fun with. I do not know what I would do without them in my life.

{4} I am thankful for my son Elijah! Even though we didn't have much time together he taught me more about myself than anyone. I am thankful for the sweet moments I had with him, just us. As he grew in my belly. When I would sing to him, when he would move (or dance according to me) when I drank chocolate milk. His precious little face! He's with me every single second of the day and I am thankful for those memories.

{5} I am thankful that My husband has a steady job that pays for everything we need and more. That a house is provided. That we can afford food, clothes, gas, to be able to pay all our bills. That we don't have to worry about medical, or dental bills. Which allows me to be able to stay home with Riley and pursue my dreams.

{6} I am thankful for my friends and family. The close ones that have stood by me through everything. That know me for me and love and appreciate me for me.  I don't know what I would do without them.

{7} I am thankful to be {3} years cancer free now! I am thankful that God brought me out of that unscathed. Another chance at life. A life with my family and loved ones, and to be a better person.

{8} I am thankful to be able to travel the world without much cost to us. The opportunity to see amazing things and to meet amazing people. As well as experience new adventures with my family next to me.

{9} I am thankful for music. It is is my lifeline, my outlet, my therapy, my absolute everything. I know I've been blessed with talents and I am so thankful and appreciative of them.

{10} Last but not least. I am so thankful that I know Jesus as my own personal savior. That he came and died on the cross for not just everyone but for ME, little ol' me! That he knows every single hair on my head. That he knows my heart and my true desires in life. That he is there to comfort me and give me strength through this life that can so often feel like Hell! Nothing is impossible if I have him on my side!


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