Friday, November 16, 2012

{Fashion Friday} ..Layers and Lulu's contest cont.

Yesterday was an extremely busy and exciting day! Ran around like crazy doing "Mommy-type" things. Miss Riley had a little harvest party at school. So we went through a lot of cute fall/thanksgiving themed snacks on pinterest. We found soo many little teepee's, pilgrim hats, mini cornucopia's Riley finally decided on this super tasty Cookie Dough dip. Which was really easy to make and was a big hit with the kids and parents. Served up with some apple slices and these cute little mini graham crackers. They taste great with any fruit though or pretzels. So yummy!! Since there are no eggs in it all you cookie dough connoisseurs out there would love this! I will definitely be making this one again! I love you PINTEREST! I felt like such a mom coming to her class with my plastic-wrapped snack. I have definitely arrived!

I wanted to do something fun and bright with my layers. I paired up a red tank with this leopard cardigan and denim jacket with infinity scarf. Throw on some leggings and some riding boots and you got yourself some major coziness! Sometimes when you are a mom and you are running around nonstop it's more about being comfortable. I will always strive for more fashionable comfort though...and that's when you get this ensemble. TA-DA!!!!

 VOTING has finally started now for the LULU's contest. Please take a second to vote for me I would greatly appreciate it! Vote Here and you can see more photos of my lulu's contest outfit here

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