Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Pumpkin Crazy}

We've been going pumpkin crazy lately in this house. Thanks to Pinterest I can find as many fun, tasty recipes that I can get my hands on. I made these tasty little treats and the husband literally ate 95% of them by himself. They are more like cake bars and taste much better with the chocolate chips. I didn't have enough sugar so I used extra vanilla. YUM!

These tasty limited editions pumpkin spice bagels from Thomas are sooo good with hot chocolate in the morning. I've been snatching them up left and right before they are gone!

I experimented with this bread and used it for some French Toast! Then we added a little bit of this country crock pumpkin spice spread and it is to die for! We just started putting the pumpkin spice on everything. Waffles, pancakes the husband put it on his toast. He didn't like it too much in his plain oatmeal but he could just be weird. I just don't think this pumpkin spice could do any wrong.
Recipes that are on my list to try before the season of pumpkin is over

I am not making pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust! That's how we like it and it is so yummy that way!


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