Thursday, November 1, 2012

{Trick or Treat}

As we are overjoyed that we survived Hurricane Sandy thankfully. I was even more excited that it cleared completely up just in time for Halloween. I had been planning my familys' costume literally since 2009 when she was born. I'm so glad I talked her into wearing it instead of being a princess of course or something like that. She just loves trick or treating and I am so glad I get to still go now that I have a kid. I just realized that it has been ten years since I last went trick or treating for myself. Isn't life crazy! It goes by so fast! After we came back she loved the idea of handing out candy to the other kids. She just stood with the door open saying "Trick or Treat". I had to tell her that she had to switch now and say "Happy Halloween". 
I do feel sad for all those families that are dealing with horrible aftermath from the hurricane. So the Reed family are participating in some local drives going on to help. As well as sending our thoughts and prayers! I encourage you guys to do the same. I heard that its mostly clothes, batteries, toiletries etc. They could really use the help!
Happy Holidays everyone. Here are a few pics from our Halloween!


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