Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{Copycat Tuesday} Fashion Bloggers

It's hard for me to get inspired lately. Especially when I'm not where I would like to be weight wise. I'm constantly reminded by people that I just had a baby. But I'm in that obnoxious transitional period. Where nothing old fits right and you don't like the way anything new fits. Let's just say I'm really tired of leggings. They have gotten old. So I'm on a mission to get inspired! With all this nice sunny weather and moving soon to a new place. I plan on keeping an eye out for new things and starting fresh. Hopefully I will be bringing some new stuff for you soon. Until then let's just have some fun with Copycat Tuesday! This one is by one of my fave fashionistas Lua from

Shop my Outfit:

Top: Stylesforless.com {Similar}
Necklace: Wetseal.com
Purse/Booties: Amazon.com {exact}/{Similar}
Jeans: HM.com {Similar}


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