Wednesday, April 15, 2015

{conversations with a six year old}

Riley: Aren't you glad I helped you find my stuff?

Daddy: You didn't help me

Riley: I told you where it was

Riley: Mommy! My voice camouflaged into the song......... {new song comes on} Mommy it camouflaged again.

Riley: Mommy how old do you have to be old?

Riley: I know why they call it IHOP because it's so good you jump up and down!

Riley: I feel different today.

Mommy: Like in a good way?

Riley: I feel older.......


Riley: You and mommy are just one thing. I'm four things.

Daddy: What's mommy's job

Riley: Mommy works for groceries and toys. Daddy works for money. 

Mommy: What do you do?

Riley: Read, curious, play and.....just sit around.

Daddy: I'm the boss. What does Mommy do?

Riley: Mommy sits with Caleb and watches tv all day.. {my kid ladies and gentleman... thanks a lot Riley!} 

Riley: I like fancy hotels

Mommy: What makes them fancy?

Riley: Carpet and dresses.

Mommy: I wish people would just pick up their dogs poop. I mean they don't let their kids poop outside and leave it for us to walk all over. 

Riley: Yeah they would freeze their butts!

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