Wednesday, May 13, 2015

{conversations with a six year old}

Riley{Talking to friend}: Do you know Beethoven?? He was a real person 
Wanna hear his fifth symphony it's soo cool !

Riley: How come you can't fly a kite In traffic ?

Riley {on the phone with Daddy}: Daddy I wish you were here... So you could feed me. 

{Playing Restaurant}

Mommy: What's with the phone?

Riley: In case I get a text

Mommy: From who? Do you have a boyfriend?

Riley: No from daddy 

Riley: It's the statue Olivia!!!

Parents singing: Whoop there it is! Come on Riley sing it

Riley: No I'm not going to sing it

Mommy: Shakalaka

Riley: I guess mommy is a big fan of this song
.... This is terrible change it !! 

{Riley playing in car with boy}
Put my scooter in the back
And turn up the music really loud !!

{Riley talking to baby brother}
Are you trying to do business?
Are you trying to do business ?
.....uh huh are you trying to poop?
I'm going to call you wetter your real name is Caleb but im  going to call you wetter like a kidder .....mmmm I'm going to call you kidder that's someone who jokes around.
Look at your little hands why are you attacking me? 

Riley:Look at my shiny legs 

Riley to parents: Can you be quiet I'm trying to focus on my shoe!


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